Soros Dark Money Helps Fund 23 Leftist DAs to the Tune of $29M: Report

Soros money is like air — it’s everywhere, even if you don’t see it. A shocking report from the Capital Research Center uncovered at least “29 million in funding” that helped elect 23 leftist district attorneys across the country.

The Capital Research Center (CRC) report exposed George Soros’ multimillion-dollar scheme to elect district attorneys around the U.S. Soros has given at least “Funding of $29 Million … through a personal network of political action committees (PACs) formed specifically to back left-wing DA candidates,” since 2016, according to CRC researchers. [Emphasis added]. 

The now-famous Kimberly (Kim) Foxx was credited with dropping the Jussie Slomollett charges and the Philadelphia district attorney Lawrence (Larry) Krasner were among those who received funding. It was on Krasner’s watch that Philadelphia reportedly became the “murder capital of the United States” last July. 

Soros’ money hit bull’s-eyes almost every time. “Soros cash has generously supported over 20 individual candidates, many of whom won their elections and remain in office today,” noted the report. 

Foxx currently serves as Cook County State’s Attorney in Illinois. She was “boosted into office with the help of $2 million in Soros cash,” according to the report from CRC. 

Foxx’s leadership was disastrous for the people of Chicago. In 2021, Foxx reportedly “presid[ed] over Chicago’s largest spike in homicides in more than 30 years. According to CRC, the CRC report noted that her office had dropped charges against 35% of 2020 felony defendants. 

Krasner, another radical district attorney, was elected to a second term by Soros. He is currently the Philadelphia District Attorney. But like former President Donald Trump once said, “Bad things happen in Philadelphia.” 

CRC has found that Krasner shows how things can get even worse when leftists are in power. “Under Krasner’s Watch, crime rates have soared” and murder has shot way up. CBS News Philly reported that the “number of homicide victims in Philadelphia this year is up to at least 314 people,” up “35%” from July, 2020. The most shocking numbers are from Philadelphia Police Department. Between 2018-21, the number of homicide victims has increased each year. Krasner was elected to office in 2018. In 2018, there were 353 victims of homicide, while in 2021, 562. This is approximately a Increase of 59% In just three years. 

Soros isn’t the only billionaire who has a stake in electing corrupt district attorneys. Mark Zuckerberg is co-CEO of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) with his wife Priscilla Chan. The Washington Times reported that “[t]he Chan Zuckerberg Initiative … recently gave $1 million to the liberal Tides Center’s Fair and Just Prosecution project to ‘promote thought leadership for elected district attorneys.’” The Tides Center is another incredibly powerful and effective funnel of dark money to leftist causes. [Emphasis added].

Conservatives being attacked. Open Society Foundations can be reached at (212) 5548-0600 Call the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (650) 352 7015 to demand that billionaires not elected stop funding rogue DAs or other extreme causes in the country.

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