Something Incredible Happened Yesterday After Democrats Demanded an End to the Filibuster – Opinion

For the better part of a year now, Democrats have vehemently opposed the Senate’s filibuster rule. There have been whispers of abolition since Joe Biden was elected to office. This could be for a variety of reasons, including forcing through trillions to pay for the election in 2022 and stacking the Supreme Court. It’s to save democracy.

Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Capitol Hill on yesterday as part of his campaign. The president was there to push for the abolishment of the filibuster yet again as part of a plan by Chuck Schumer to pass a “voting rights” bill making voter ID illegal, legalizing ballot harvesting, publicly funding campaigns, and handing state redistricting power to partisans in Washington, DC, among many other objectionable measures.

It was a failure, as you can see. Kyrsten Sinema made a surprising floor speech, ending any speculation that she would vote to end the filibuster. Joe Manchin made a long statement shortly after that.

Per those on the left, including Democrat politicians, “white supremacy” had won because the filibuster is a “Jim Crow relic” only used by virulent racists. Don’t believe me? Ask! Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hakeem JeffriesAyanna and.

And then, it happened. Literally hours after the Democrats embarked on a major offensive to abolish the filibuster as a tool of racists everywhere, they then…Filibuster was used. They didn’t just block any bill either. They did Russia’s Vladimir Putin a solid by blocking Ted Cruz’s bill to sanction the Nordstream 2 pipeline.

You couldn’t have scripted this any better, and I’m pretty sure Ted Cruz knew exactly what he was doing here. To once more show how naive and hypocritical the Democrats are, he timed everything perfectly. The fact that the bill was halted was also a huge win for Russia. In fact, the White House spent last week lobbying ForPutin’s case.

But remember, it’s Republicans who are soft on Russia. Biden and his party are still bending the knee. They even went so far to allow Germany to become energy dependent upon the country NATO was supposed to defend. Yesterday proved that Democrats are essentially the same on almost all fronts. Throw in the prior day’s inflation report, and this has easily been the worst week of Biden’s presidency, and that’s saying something considering what happened in Afghanistan.

In the end, yesterday’s move to block Cruz’s bill felt like the death knell for Democrat attempts to get rid of the filibuster. The Biden administration has not given them the votes. They are also now publicly stating that they used the 60-vote threshold in order to block any bill.

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