Snobby NY Times Cyber Reporter Caught in Trump-Spying Time Warp

Liberal journalists rallied round a Friday rally New York Times Charlie Savage wrote the article “Durham Distains Himself from Furor in Right Wing Media over Filing.”

Savage said that Durham had “distanced himself” on Thursday, as a good Democrat. False reports from right-wing news media outlets that a motion he recently filed said Hillary Clinton’s campaign had paid to spy on Trump White House servers.”

Savage claimed Durham was the one who quoted him, but his argument actually said something quite different. He disassociated himself from all people. overstating or understatingHis filing: 

“If third parties or members of the media have Overstated, misunderstood or incorrectly interpreted facts contained in the government’s motion, that does not in any way undermine the valid reasons for the government’s inclusion of this information,” he wrote.

David Harsanyi at National ReviewUnderlined: 

 “The right-wing media quickly embraced a theory that even special counsel John Durham has distanced himself from,” wrote Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler. “In filing, Durham appears to distance himself from far-right theories,” says MSNBC. “John Durham distances himself from right-wing furor,” writes Axios.

Savage spun it in an episode decrying conservative media (“Uproar on The Right”) The PBS NewsHourOn Wednesday: 

SAVAGE: The most important and easiest-to-understand fact of all of this is that the whole narrative is that “they were spying on the Trump White House, they were spying on the Trump White House.” All of this data came from 2016. These were Obama White House data. The whole thing is made easier by this fact. ridiculous. 

National Review legal expert Andrew McCarthy noted that Durham’s filing said Democrat lawyer Michael Sussman was warning the CIA on February 9, 2017 that “Trump and/or his associates were using supposedly rare, Russian-made wireless phones in the vicinity of the White House and other locations.” Does Savage & Co. think Trump and his staff were making calls around the White House BeforeAre you ready to take office?

McCarthy pointed out that Savage and Adam Goldman implied this in an earlier September article dissing Durham’s probe. 

[T]he Alfa Bank suspicions were only half of what the researchers sought to bring to the government’s attention, according to several people familiar with the matter. Their other set of concerns centered on data suggesting that a YotaPhone — a Russian-made smartphone rarely seen in the United States — had been Used from White House networks Trump Tower, Spectrum Health and a Michigan hospital that had interacted with Trump’s server.

Sussmann sent their YotaPhone data to the C.I.A. counterintelligence personnel. The people stated that they received their YotaPhone findings in February 2017.

As William Brangham, a PBS anchor, lamented the “mutant story,” which the “mainstream media” must deal with. Savage said that right-wing outlets aren’t doing journalism as he did. “There has been this repeat cycle of enormous alarmism that’s been stoked in right-wing pro Trump outlets. It’s not something I consider myself to be doing as much journalism as I am. They sent out this message with the outraged, grievance-stroking headlines that it was now proven that they had been spying on Donald Trump.

It TimesReally thinks that they did not run “grievance-stroking headlines”, “blaring outrage” or “blaring outrage?” about Trump?

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