China’s Olympics Takes Its Final Death-Rattle – Opinion

Sunday marks the end of the Chinese Olympics. The snowless games are sure to end in spectacular fireworks and pageantry.  I didn’t watch a single event and won’t watch a moment of the closing ceremonies.

Some former LA Times colleagues are present at the games, and are getting ready to depart China for Sunday. Last tweet from one of them noted that he couldn’t connect to the internet. He’s blocked from seeing some Olympic content – apparently one last authoritarian stick-in-the-eye to a journalist.

I don’t know who won a single event. It is not clear how America did. I don’t know if China cheated its way to win every gold. I don’t care. If there was a “Miracle on Ice” I didn’t see it. China, no doubt, did well. Everyone else’s food was reported to be terrible, with the hotel rooms frozen.

No more cartoons from me on China’s Olympics. I’m done, like Xi’s Games. America rates reruns better of Cosby. The final ratings for NBC telecast aren’t in, but they have been lower than a snake’s belly. This Olympics viewership was typically 50 percent off of 2018’s Winter Olympics viewership.

The CCP didn’t deserve to host the Games. After the games are over and our athletes return (and finally are able to speak freely) the Chinese can resume their slave-labor camps, disappearing dissidents,  and it will resume its comfortable spot as the world’s #1 polluter.

The 2026 Winter Olympics will be in Italy and I’ll tune in. I’ll watch the luge, and hockey and alpine and dudes sweeping rocks across ice. I hope to see happy faces of happy winners and happy families and fans celebrating in a country that isn’t China.

Good Riddance, Xi.

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