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For decades, the right has slammed the left for incessantly referring to anyone with whom they disagree as “racists,” “sexists,” “homophobes,” and other false labels. Conservatives pointed out rightly that the leftists engaging in such rhetoric dilute the meaning of these words, when they are being used willy-nilly for political points.

But it seems that now, conservatives don’t have as much of a problem with this political tactic as they have in the past, especially when it comes to calling folks on the left “groomers.” This trend began with the controversy over Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, which prohibits teachers from instructing students seven years old or under on matters pertaining to sexuality and gender. Parents will have more information about the issues that their child might face regarding their sexuality or gender identity.

The leftist chattering class immediately began lying about the legislation, deceptively referring to it as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and pretending it would specifically target members of the LGBTQ community. Of course, the law says nothing about specific types of sexuality, and those supporting the bill don’t want Any instruction on these matters with children in this age range, but the left didn’t care.

But now it seems conservative pundits, politicians, and social media influencers have taken to referring to anyone who disagrees with the legislation – or others like it – as “groomers” or those who support pedophilia. It is a way to tie the opposition to the most evil people in society. It is the same trick used by the left when they constantly referred to conservatives as “Nazis,” “fascists,” or “literally Hitler.”

They are essentially downplaying people’s experience. Actual grooming by pedophiles by applying the label liberally to those who happen to disagree with a policy just like the left downplays the Holocaust and Jim Crow by referring to their opposition as “Nazis” or “racists.” Many folks on the left agree that sexual matters should not be discussed with young children in the classroom but oppose the law because they (wrongly) believe the bill will lead to unfair discrimination against LGBTQ students and faculty. The argument is that some people may abuse the law in a manner that could cause harm to an under-represented population.

They are incorrect, however, they aren’t groomers and they don’t support pedophilia. Too many people on the left don’t make this distinction.

However, this does not mean the “groomer” designation is Always inappropriate. That being said, teachers who discuss gender and sexuality with young children but keep it from parents are worthy of the label. While they might not actually be grooming children to abuse them, they expose them to inappropriate teachings on these topics.

It is quite telling that these people want to leave their parents behind. Parents should be informed if their child has a history of sexual attraction or gender dysphoria. Several school districts instructed teachers to not tell parents anything. Some schools have encouraged teachers to tell lies about students. They can convince children without parental input to adopt progressive ideas on transgenderism. There is a reason why the percentage of young girls identifying as males has skyrocketed, as detailed in Abigail Shrier’s book “Permanent Damage.”

This is a classic grooming technique – the offender will gain the trust of the child and convince them to keep the relationship secret from their parents. Another method involves desensitizing children to sexuality, by teaching them concepts that they may not be ready to understand. Justine Ang Fonte is an example. Her position was at a New York private school and she was accused of teaching first-graders about masturbation. She also hosted a seminar on “pornographic literacy” for high school kids as well.

What else could we name it when educators and administrators instruct children on sexual issues while trying to exclude parents from the whole process? Sure, it is not grooming in the traditional sense – these teachers are not trying to have sex with these children nor would they support pedophilia. But they could be molding these kids’ minds to be more amenable to inappropriate ideas on sexuality and gender identity. This could lead to them making poor decisions in later life. They could be more susceptible to predators who want to exploit them.

To put it simply, those who advocate for instilling progressive ideas in children’s minds without the involvement of parents do not deserve to be defended when they are called groomers. These issues should not be left up to the parents. The possibility that children are being abused by their parents isn’t a valid excuse. Teachers who suspect abuse should report the state to authorities. They believe that children should not be their property, but they don’t think so. When they complain that they’re called “Groomers”, they don’t have anything to back them up.

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