‘Self Defense’ Course Says Don’t Call Cops — They May Shoot the Black Victim – Opinion

Safety seems to be evolving as racism develops.

St. Edward’s University in Texas has offered a course called Basic Self Defense. According to a screenshot reportedly obtained by Campus Reform, learning materials include the video “Don’t be a Bystander: 6 Tips for Responding to Racist Attacks.”

The how-to — produced by the Barnard Center for Research on Women (interesting wording) — lays out America’s startling state:

White supremacists, and white nationalists are being encouraged in our political climate. Public attacks on white supremacists and white nationalists are increasing.

Can you imagine yourself being subject to transphobic attacks? Then, how do you react? The video’s got you covered.

Many people aren’t sure what to do if they witness a racist or transphobic attack.

You will need to follow six steps in order for a correct response.

Step 1: Don’t be a bystander

It might be tempting to look away out of fear or because you aren’t sure of what to do. Not getting involved is a sign of approval, and it leaves the victim feeling isolated.

It is important to make eye contact when you are not there.

When you’re able, speak with the victim. Supporting them is the goal. Take the time to look them in their eyes and check in with each other. Don’t escalate or prod the criminal. It is far better to simply sit or stand next to someone than do nothing.

You’ll likely have lost your breath.

Breathe and be present.

One of the best parts about the video is the admonishment not to involve cops.

Fourth Step: Don’t listen to the police

Armed police can often make a situation more dangerous than it is safe.

Those of you in law enforcement may recall the part of your training that dealt specifically with nonwhites, those who subscribe to Islam, and women in men’s pants:

Since police are taught to treat people of color, non-cissive genders and Muslims as criminals they will often consider victims perpetrators. Don’t call police if you have not been asked by the victim.

This video is repeated:

Don’t call the police.

Step Six offers preventative measures — Call Out the Everyday Culture of White Supremacy

If you’ve been wondering what in the world is whipping up our overwhelming white supremacy, consider the fact that Facebook, Twitter, and the media are anti-black:

Our media, politics and social media have created a culture of anti-blackness and white supremacy. You can contribute to making these attitudes unacceptable by challenging white supremacy even when you’re not in a crisis.

Participate in the discussion

If you’re white yourself, talk to your family and friends about anti-blackness and white supremacy.

It’s a Sunday-through-Saturday job:

Do it every day, especially when you’re in an all-white space. This allows you to confront culture and not put yourself at risk of backlash.

Campus Reform relays that a student told Campus Reform the video included a quiz. One of the questions was:

  • What are the six tips outlined in the “Responding to Racist Attacks” video?
  • Which tip does it seem the most challenging to follow and why?

The pupil didn’t appreciate it:

“I felt uncomfortable about having my name next to an answer I did not agree with, regardless of whether it was right. This video should not be considered academic content. It is unfair that students view the curriculum as accurate information, and don’t understand how to use it. [or] free will to think for themselves outside of it.”

America — like all things in life, goes through phases. This present one isn’t the Trust Police phase.

As for white supremacy and those bold enough to fight it, here are the video’s six ways of countering the KKK:

  1. Don’t be a bystander
  2. Keep a record of the incident
  3. By sticking around, you can support the victim
  4. Stay away from the Police
  5. Call Out The Everyday Culture Of White Supremacy
  6. Organize & Protest for Justice

It also notes the nation’s long-established hatred for the disabled:

America has a history of violence against persons of color, Muslims, Muslims, Immigrants, and LGBTQ.

It sounds horrible. Stay safe!



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