Ketanji Brown Jackson Clears Committee With Procedural Vote to Discharge Her Nomination – Opinion

The Senate Judiciary Committee hearings regarding Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court have been proceeding apace. The Committee voted to send the nomination to full Senate earlier today. The Committee, comprised of 11 Democrats and 11 Republicans (reflecting the 50-50 Senate), voted along party lines, thus leaving things in a deadlock — the first since 1991 (ironically, regarding Clarence Thomas’s nomination, with Joe Biden as the Chair of the Committee).

That’s not the end of the story, however. After the vote in committee, Chuck Schumer the Majority Leader called for a procedural vote by the entire Senate (a discharge petition), to approve the nomination. Following a delay because of Senator Alex Padilla’s (D.California flight problems), the vote was finally held. The final vote was 53-47, with the three Republican senators who’ve indicated they would vote to confirm Judge Jackson’s nomination also voting in favor of sending it to the floor.

Susan Collins, a Republican from Maine, announced her support for the nomination last week. Lisa Murkowski (R, Alaska) declared her support for the nomination Monday before the voting, just like Mitt Romney (R, Utah), we previously reported.

So far, none of the Democrats has indicated their opposition to the nomination. This sets up a formal confirmation vote later this week — likely Thursday or Friday. Jackson should be confirmed at this point with at most 53 votes.

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