Schoolbook for 10-Year-Olds Razes Rancorous Religion, Promotes Pro-Gay Jesus and Sells Socialist Salvation – Opinion

For those of you enrolling your kids into New York City Schools, here’s a book they might bring home.

The New York Post reported that the district has begun stocking its libraries. What You Don’t Know: A Story of Liberated Childhood.

Written and illustrated by Brooklyn’s Anastasia Higginbotham, the work makes NYC’s fifth-grade reading list as part of its Mosaic curriculum set to debut next year.

According to the Post, this is the plot

The picture book centers on a black child who talks about fitting in at school and church and a friend “who’s queer like me.”

The boy, named Demetrius, is shown in a church where he says, “Churches can preach all they want about love — the only thing that I feel when I’m here is shame.”

The boy’s spirit meets Jesus – who is apparently a Democrat — and who tells him “everyone is invited to love and be loved.” The distressed looking boy points to an unnamed white man — a (Mitch) McConnell lookalike — and says, “Even — ?” Jesus replies “Yes.”

This isn’t an accident:

Higginbotham confirmed, during a YouTube reading, that McConnell is indeed the name of the white man and they were at Catholic Church.

“That’s Mitch McConnell. And the child wants to know if even Mitch McConnell is invited to love and be loved considering all the harm he is causing,” she said.

The Post offers a page from the book, whereupon the gay child asks Jesus, “Are you gonna punish the people of Earth who hate me and blame it on you?”

The book seems to have one message: social justice revolution.

Its text is:

We will change the rules that we follow and restore balance in the world.

This statement is accompanied by an image showing the child watching TV with his parents. As shown onscreen and specified in the book: Democrat Representatives Rashida Tlaib; Ilhan Omar; AyannaPressley; Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

It’s a bit different than elementary education’s old messaging. As far as I can tell, these are some points of communication:

  • The religion of God is a mean
  • God’s Son encourages homosexuality
  • Opposing belief = hate
  • Your destiny should be controlled by your AOC

The last item is deduced because the congresswoman herself is a socialist. Socialism, as it stands, allows the politically powerful to have all the products and the means of production. AOC denounces capitalism which permits Americans to run their own business. This is a political philosophy in which she and others claim what may otherwise be yours by force. And in that position of power, she’ll decide how much is doled to the denizens.

Religion and Jesus are up to each individual’s beliefs. In the past, however, public schools wouldn’t have shouldered such a burden on behalf of kids, their families, and their church.

This all seems to be in harmony with our new idea of education. It appears that the institution has largely abandoned academics to support Modern Mission #1: Develop good citizens with a monolithic view of the world.

As for Anastasia, the Post notes she’s a veteran of children’s books with some cultural flair:

Higginbotham also wrote a controversial book called This is not me! about a child who “connects to the opportunity and their responsibility to dismantle white supremacy.”

Here’s more on the Mosaic curriculum:

The Mosaic Books can be found on the DOE page of TeachingBooks. You can also learn more by downloading them from the Sora app. All students have logins.

A book called “The Book of the Dead” was one of many questionable titles. The Bell RangThis is for Kindergartners, that talks about slavery I’m Not a Girl,About transgender people, it was on the first-grade reading list.

Parents have been upset by another controversial Mosaic book. The SkinIt is written for children between 2 and 5, and focuses on racism and race. It’s on the kindergarten reading guide.

The national identity and nothing else will last forever. Can America regain some of its former identity?

If such a thing awaits, I’d say it won’t be arriving soon.



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