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In Michigan, they’re sparring with the spookiness of exclusion.

In the midst of all this, socially conscious officials have decided to cancel Halloween.

According to the Lansing State Journal’s report, East Lansing school leaders have cancelled the bizarre holiday.

Schools are, as it turns out. DoCare what your parents think

East Lansing Public Schools elementary principals sent a joint letter to families Wednesday announcing there would no longer be Halloween…celebrations in the classroom due to potential distractions and an increasing number of uncomfortable families.

Don’t tell former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe—

According to Assistant Superintendent Glenn Mitcham, it’s common for kids to cry on Halloween “because they don’t have the same kind of costumes that other kids have…”

If I may say so, at least concerning any sort of “inequity,” that’s not so easy to believe. The quality of a costume isn’t defined by how much it costs. The best costumes are those made with household objects.

Children can play any time they want. aren’tMasking wealth inequality would be more powerful than hiding it.

After all, you can’t make designer jeans out of (what appears to be) my last CVS receipt:

I only purchased a Kit Kat.

Nonetheless, Glenn insisted they’re “striving hard…to be a district that is equitable and inclusive for all families.”

And kids will still be able to do sort-of Halloweenish things — such as engaging in the thrill ride of measuring a pumpkin’s circumference.

Officials are still firm: There must be a line.

“Each year, along with the fun of Halloween parties and parades, we also have students whose families do not celebrate or feel comfortable with their children participating in Halloween festivities.”

If that’s the guiding principle, they’ve likely got lotsTo eliminate.

As for the sheer terror of Michael Myers’s favorite time of the year, it seems kids 6 and up have previously petrified each other:

“We have young children who become overwhelmed and sometimes frightened of the costumes and others who come to school with no costume at all.”

More information from LSJ

In recent years, some families have kept their children home from school or picked them up early on Halloween, according to the letter. Principals stated that children can be distracted by parades, costumes and other parties, which makes it harder for them to focus and make it more difficult for teachers to instruct.

To be clear, educational authorities aren’t only axing All Hallow’s Eve.

Valentine’s Day brings its own set of “unintended consequences,” the principals wrote. Some students bring valentines to exchange at school while others do not, leading to “drama and teasing” in upper elementary classrooms.

Moreover, as laid out by the letter, select families “do not feel comfortable with the idea of boys and girls exchanging valentines or participating in a celebration that focuses on ‘love.’”

Wait’ll they get a load of what’s happening around the country:

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The night of the Great Pumpkin is also getting 86’d elsewhere.

As covered by RedState’s Jeff Charles, Seattle’s Benjamin Franklin Day Elementary has called off its Pumpkin Parade and costumed festivities in the name of racial sensitivity:

The decision to cancel Halloween seems to be motivated by the notion that poor students – who are mostly black – are unable to afford costumes.

Back to East Lansing, the principals proclaim there’ll be “alternative days throughout the school year that are full of fun and learning, for everyone.”

Michigan’s halting of Halloween is a real trick in lieu of a treat — it’s the only time of year when children are actually It is supposedTo wear masks

For those of you who’ll be celebrating this October 31st, I offer a costume consideration: Mull over making the season sinister by going as an unvaccinated American — evidently, that’s the scariest thing on Earth.



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