School Board Member Compares Untested Kids to People Wielding Knives – Opinion

Do you know if you are COVID-tested? A Chicago-area school board member stated that the two could be mutually exclusive.

North Cook News reports that Marcelo Sztaingberg serves on the Glenbrook district 225 board.

A January 10th meeting saw him create a metaphor to describe those who neglect to have their nasals swept before going back to school.

“If a student shows up with a knife to school, we won’t let him in.”

It’s a bold comparison  — stabbings aren’t known for their 99+% survival rate.

Regardless, Marcelo’s no schmo off the street. In addition to belonging to the board, he’s associate dean for the College of Arts and Sciences at Northeastern Illinois University.

Following an opt-out by approximately 600 students from Glenbrook North High School and Glenbrook South High, the board met.

District must decide what to do with those who have declined.


Glenbrook 225 began to return to remote learning early January, despite the high COVID-19 rate. At the same time the school held “no harm” finals, allowing for its students’ grades to improve if they scored well on the final exam but enacting no penalties if students did poorly.

Marcelo also likedned untested people to drunks.

“If a student shows up under the influence, we won’t let him in.”

It’s not the first COVID-related intoxication analogy to hit the news.

Penn State Professor Edward Fuller was featured in my January 24, 2005 article. tweetedIt’s a lot of words:

“Why is it a parent’s right to endanger the lives of other people’s kids and of teachers? Perhaps [people]Driving drunk or speeding with masks is not a good idea. [through]The neighborhoods with pro-COVID parents to help you excise [sic] their freedom and rights.”

Here are the statistics from this article.

The following survival stats were provided by the Centers for Disease Control at 2020. This was before vaccines were offered to the public.

  • 0-19 years: 99.99997
  • 20-49 years: 99.9998
  • 50-69 years: 99.995
  • 70+ years: 99.946

Marcelo has more to say:

“There are so many issues for which we won’t let the student in and won’t even think about it. The student would not be allowed in immediately. There were times in the past when security officers walked along. [sic] the parking lot and seeing something suspicious in a car — in an empty car in the parking lot — and they would open the car to make sure things were okay. We do these things all the time, even if it’s 50 cars. COVID was the catalyst for us to decide to make the line and then to erase it. Now, basically, no matter what…we say we won’t do it.

He’s right — in some ways, we’ve drawn lines. However, for kids, the virus reportedly isn’t as dangerous as the flu. And we’ve never masked or tested children for influenza.

Marcelo made clear he doesn’t “want to suspend anybody.”


“Why is the district pushing people to take a risk sitting with people who won’t take any mitigation? … [W]e are forcing…staff teachers…to be sitting next to [the untested/unvaccinated]. So at what point do we say this may not be safe?”

I think the larger question here is: When are we going to stop doing COVID? Presumably COVID is our constant companion. Are we then able to test COVID forever?

This is why every place in the world needs to shove something up your nose prior to allowing you into their premises.

Perhaps that’s where we’re headed.

We are all waiting for the dystopia where medical weapons-wielders will stab our sinuses. Let’s be positive!



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