Gavin Newsom Lies About Wearing a Mask at the NFC Championship Playoffs, but More Video and Photo Evidence Smashes That to Smithereens – Opinion

Last night, Governor Hair Gel and San Francisco Mayor London Breed were mocked on social media because of their hypocrisy regarding their mask mandates. The group took photos of Magic Johnson with no face-coverings. Back in October of 2021, Johnson tried to shame Kyrie Irving about Irving’s refusal to be vaccinated, while hugging his double-vaxxed and boosted self up against California’s ruling class and celebrity attendees.

There is no social distancing visible for miles. As if you were surprised.

In COVID world, is this not considered, “unsafe”? Where are the Football Karens when they’re needed?!

Branch Covidians: Even though they have been vaccinated, the boosted may still transmit COVID. Johnson is HIV positive and should therefore be informed.

Johnson and Newsom are both completely incapable of practicing what they preach.

What. A. Shock.

Following the negative media coverage and the Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar’s comments, Newsom danced and lied at Monday’s press conference about Johnson’s photo. He was also maskless and close to Johnson.

“I was very judicious yesterday. Very judicious, and you’ll see in the photo that I did take. Magic was gracious enough to pose for me and take a photo. My mask is in my lefthand. As we should, I continued to wear it the remainder of my time. It was not after I’d had one glass of water. I recommend everyone else do the same. And, that’s it.”

Newsom would have liked for it to be the end of the conversation, but a Fox 11 reporter wouldn’t allow him to pivot, and volleyed this pointed question:

Fox11: “I know you probably want to make that the last word on this, but given your history with this issue, should you not have reconsidered taking the mask off for the photo for the image it might send?”

Newsom: “Of course, I was trying to be gracious… and I made a… I mean, you know… I was trying to be gracious and only took the mask off for a brief second. But no, I encourage people to continue to wear it.”

Uh huh.

As with French Laundry’s debacle of November 2020, Newsom lies and tries to hide the fact that he is a hypocrite by taking a photo and video on Sunday.

RNC Research filmed Newsom greeting Magic. Were there any masks covering Newsom’s face when he approached Magic and gave him a hug?

But of course, Newsom’s response is: “You going to believe me, or you going to believe your lying eyes?”

Another photo was sent to me by one of my Twitter friends. It shows a completely different side of His Hairfulness. There is no mask visible and there aren’t any people drinking or eating.

So, Hair Gel, tell us again how “judicious” you were? All ears are open.

Los Angeles Fox News correspondent Elex Michaelson came to Newsom’s defense, showing pictures of Newsom in his box seat with mask in place.

The “home grown team” doing its work.

Michaelson is missing the main point. Why is Newsom preventing children (and everyone in the state that isn’t a celebrity or an elected official) from putting on their masks and taking them off whenever they want?

Michaelson’s defense tweet went over as well as Hair Gel’s lies:

Either way it’s a bad, hypocritical look for the Governor given the mandates, including for school children. He could have stayed home or not played at all.

This mom also said it best:

What does this mean for our kids? It means that we can let them take off their masks whenever they like. No mask required. I’ll take that deal.

In certain parts of the state, we’ve already taken that tack. We can play, “Follow Dear Leader” on this one with no problem. Aside from L.A. County, much of Southern California, and the majority of Northern California gave Newsom’s reinstitution of the mask mandate the middle finger the minute he announced it.

Newsom swiftly deflected any criticisms of him with bright shiny object that got the reporters’ attention to something else. Do not pay attention to what’s happening behind the scenes! Take a look at this!

“I wanted to say this, because it’s important. This is a very important day. This is a positive sign. This is remarkable. 14.5 percent of positivity can be seen as an encouraging sign. However, we have seen a marked decline in Omicron cases.

It’s just in time for SuperBowl which takes place in two weeks. God be praised! It’s a miracle!

We’re seeing decompression now of the hospitals and ICUs, we’re seeing declining numbers in the hospitals and the ICUs. We are actively working on an endemic plan. This is not a state-pandemic plan. I keep previewing it, because I’m very enthusiastic about the progress we are making with this draft. In the next couple of weeks we’ll be releasing that endemic plan: How we live with the virus, how we address and live with the surges, what we’ve learned, what protocols we encourage to be in place, and how we believe we’ll process things moving forward.

Because, THe SCieNcE! Californians are well aware that there’s no way forward for this man. This distraction is just another way to distract people from the truth.

So we need to work on each of these things. However, it is important to remain vigilant. It is important to keep that watchful eye. I did so, with that one exception.”

Yeah, right.

Monday also marks the start of the California Legislature’s ramming session on AB 1400. This bill would impose single payer healthcare for everyone, and eliminate any private insurance options. Newsom has also moved death row inmates to San Quentin as part of his attempt to overrule people’s will and eliminate the death penalty.

As I have warned before, what they don’t want you to pay attention to is always far worse.



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