Scarborough: Catholics Should ‘Thank God’ Pelosi Remained Through Their ‘Grotesque Sins’

Who was the one who made Joe Scarborough Pope?

You’d think Joe Scarborough—who frequently touts his Baptist roots—would be cautious when it comes to criticizing another religion. However, today’s Morning JoeScarborough joined the fray and attacked the Roman Catholic church for being excommunicated by Nancy Pelosi, the archbishop San Francisco’s pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi. After the revelation of child sex abuse, he said:They should thank God that Nancy Pelosi has remained a Catholic through their torrent of the most grotesque sins imaginable.”

Abortion is not a “grotesque crime”

First, Mika Brzezinski proclaimed “The San Francisco archdiocese banned Nancy Pelosi—who we’re having on the show tomorrow—Speaker of the House, From receiving Communion.Her name is a Catholic fervent. They’ve since banned her because of her views on abortion.”

Fail check: denying communion to someone is not an offense against the church. Security wouldn’t have her thrown out if she arrived. Her Archbishop wants to tell her she must not promote abortion. This is evident in her recent House bill that would remove any restrictions on abortion in 50 states. She then presents herself as “devout Catholic.” Mika should not call her “staunch”.

Scarborough says that Scarborough believes the Church’s child-abuse scandals in the Church means it must abandon one its fundamental precepts: respecting human life at every stage. Scarborough should therefore demand that the Church abandon its opposition to the death penalty.  Is Scarborough really only concerned with having the Church stop opposing Democrat dogma or is he just interested?

Scarborough, a preeminent theologian, might illuminate this issue on a future program. Pelosi will appear tomorrow on his program. Also, we’ll see how Baptist Joe deals with the sex abuse allegations against Southern Baptist clergy. 

Joe Scarborough slams the Roman Catholic Church of Pro-Abortion Nancy Pelosi’s excommunication. This was partially sponsored by Priceline and Golden Corral. 

The transcript is here.

Morning Joe
6:22 am EDT

MIKA BRZEZINSKI – An addition to the Roe v. Wade story from this weekend Nancy Pelosi has been banned by the San Francisco Archdiocese—who we’re having on the show tomorrow—Speaker of the House, From receiving Communion.Stout Catholic, she is. Because of her pro-abortion stance, she was banned by the church. That’s why we will be questioning her. This is —


MIKA: This is where all this leads. There are many opportunities, but also many challenges for Democrats. 

SCARBOROUGHThe Catholic Church priests have lots of room to be on their high horses, and to feel self-righteous. Parishioners who are faithful for many decades towards their parishioners. 

MIKA: That’s all we have for now. [laughs nervously]. 

SCARBOROUGH – Who actually stuck with it during a crisis?Priests are abused — 

MIKA: Okay [again trying to stop Scarborough.]

SCARBOROUGH: — Thousands to thousands of childrenHe passed the children from one church to the other, one diocese after another. It worked. You can go all the way to top. These people are showing self-righteousness and telling Nancy Pelosi they can’t have Communion. 

You should be thankful to God Nancy Pelosi managed to remain a Catholic through the flood of their most horrific sins.

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