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As we reported Sunday, presumptive 2022 Georgia Democrat gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams continues to do herself no favors, this time around telling a group of Gwinnett County Democrats during a Saturday “gala” event that “I am tired of hearing about how we’re the best state in the country to do business when we are the worst state in the country to live” before “contextualizing” her claims by alleging the state ranked poorly in mental health and infant mortality and had rising incarceration rates and declining wages.

It’s not often one hears a candidate for public office essentially declare that they hate the state/district/area they want to serve, but then again Stacey Abrams has a penchant for saying and doing things that later backfire on her. In February, photos taken at an elementary school meeting of Abrams without wearing a mask while others were including her children were uploaded to social media.

The backlash was intense – even coming from her own side, so much so that Abrams, a staunch mask proponent who clearly felt she was above the rules, issued an apology of sorts a few days later during a softball CNN “interview” after her campaign essentially called her critics “racists” for raising the issue.

And now here we are just a few months away from the November elections, and a day away from the Georgia primary (where Abrams has no real competition), and now the New York Times – which was one of the leading media outlets that lovingly portrayed Abrams in lengthy puff pieces as a Democratic savior – is even reporting in so many words that some Democrats now view Abrams as a drag on her party:

I’ve written before about how Abrams has become an albatross for Democrats despite her “media darling” status and despite the propping up of Abrams over the years by powerful and/or influential Democrats like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

What has Abrams become? Mainly, because after all this time she’s still a proponent of the Democratic “big lie” about the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race that she lost, though after declaring her intentions to run in 2022 she lied about her previous stance. Her claims about the former-Sec were admired by fellow Dems as recently October 2021. of State Brian Kemp “stole” the election from her, but now that Democrats have become such election-year absolutists on questioning elections and refusing to accept the results, her history has come back to bite her – and them – as Republicans seek to call them out for their hypocrisy.

But it’s not just her “big lie” that might do her in. Abrams has repeatedly sabotaged her state by falsely proclaiming that the election reforms bill signed into law in March 2021 was “Jim Crow 2.0” and aimed at suppressing the black vote. Her campaign and that of hard-left activists against the law, as well as an assist from Joe Biden, ultimately led Major League Baseball to pull its All-Star game out of the state and along with it the hundreds of millions in revenue that thousands of small business owners in the state – many of them from minority communities – could have used after being hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

But as conservatives said of her “racism” claims at the time, she was full of it, and record early primary voting numbers out of Georgia this month proved them right.

Crying “racism” and “voter suppression” over the years has done Stacey Abrams well at the bank, but not at the ballot box. Meanwhile, as noted above, when she threw her state under the bus over the election reforms bill, she hurt minority communities financially – big time, and then tried to run away from her remarks as the dust began clearing. And incredibly, she’s at it again with her comments to the Gwinnett Democrats, an especially astonishing statement considering the fact that she owns at least two homes in the state.

Stacey Abrams’ 2022 run for governor will likely be her last. Because the Peach state deserves better than someone who loathes and loves their country,

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