Save the Scripted Praise, Joe. Colin Powell Would Not Have Left Americans Behind Enemy Lines – Opinion

Let’s begin with two knowns. First, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.’s abject gall is beyond limits. This is especially true when we consider the nearly 50 years he spent in Washington, D.C., a place that was without major accomplishments, full of lies, bullcrap boasts, plagiarism, distortions, and other outlandish behavior. The second was Gen. Colin Powell, a military leader who set standards and broke barriers to plan and execute victories in war.

Now, let us continue.

Powell died on Monday at age 84 from complications related to COVID-19, said his family in a statement. While Powell was fully vaccinated, he also had multiple myeloma, a cancer that suppresses the body’s immune response, as noted by U.S. News & World Report.

Biden, as head of state — with “Dr.” Jill in tow, of course — mourned the death of his “dear friend,” calling Powell a “patriot of unmatched honor and dignity,” as reported by Fox News.

Biden’s words about Powell were true. He cannot say the same.

Saying he “worked closely” with Powell while he (Biden) was in the Senate, Biden’s platitudes went like this, as transcribed by Fox:

“Over our many years working together – even in disagreement – Colin was always someone who gave you his best and treated you with respect. [He]She embodied high ideals as a diplomat and a warrior.

“He was committed to our nation’s strength and security above all.  [His military experience gave him the perspective] better than anyone that military might alone was not enough to maintain our peace and prosperity.”

Biden continued — with complete lack of self-awareness:

“From his front-seat view of history, advising presidents and shaping our nation’s policies. Colin led by his commitment to democratic values which make America strong.

“Time and again, He put the country above himself, party before everything else— in uniform and out— and it earned him the universal respect of the American people.”

OK, I can’t continue reading this, let alone writing it.

This guy can’t believe he said that! He is blind to his uselessness and the devastation he has caused. intentionallyThis man continues to act in a way that is destructive of this country. Easy, he’s Joe Biden. And who, I should add, is in an addled state, and seemingly getting worse every day), of having WillfullyHe allowed himself to be the organ grinder monkey for the radical Left.

Don’t misunderstand; I had no intention of using the death of a distinguished American who made a difference in his life as an excuse to blister Biden. God only knows These are your opportunities abound, daily — by focusing solely on Biden himself as he stumbles and mumbles from one self-created crisis to another.

That said, I was damn near angry as I watched the guy’s pathetic platitudes Monday morning, as I simultaneously thought about the disaster he created in Afghanistan and how Colin Powell would not have left Americans behind [but — but — but — it was “only” 200 Americans or less]You are at the mercy and danger of terrorist organizations that have a history of causing destruction.

Nor would Colin Powell have walked away from strategic Bagram Air Base in the middle of the night, screwed America’s NATO allies blind, nor left behind Afghanis who helped America throughout the war, many of whom now face unspeakable atrocities.

Biden did this. The “patriot of unmatched honor and dignity” would not have. Civilian, soldier, and all other.

It’s done. I’m done. All the best, General. You deserve it.

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