Facebook VP Brags About Censorship, Claims ‘Hate Speech’ Dropped 50% on Platform

Facebook returned to censorship gazing, having suffered a literal beating from both the Hill and the liberal media in recent weeks. The platform has let the world know that it has cracked down on so-called “hate speech” with extreme prejudice. 

Facebook released a devastating report about censorship on its platform — a bad omen for those who care about freedom of speech. “Our technology is having a big impact on reducing how much hate speech people see on Facebook,” Facebook VP of Integrity Guy RosenExplained in an Oct. 17, 2017 report. “According to our latest Community Standards Enforcement Report, its prevalence is about 0.05% of content viewed, or about 5 views per every 10,000, down by almost 50% in the last three quarters.” Facebook explained how far its technology has come: “In 2016, our content moderation efforts relied mainly on user reports. We developed technology that can identify and prevent violating content. Before people report it.”

The report on “hate speech” removal appears to have been a tactical move against recent scandals: “Data pulled from leaked documents is being used to create a narrative that the technology we use to fight hate speech is inadequate and that we deliberately misrepresent our progress,” Rosen noted. “This is not true. We don’t want to see hate on our platform, nor do our users or advertisers, and we are transparent about our work to remove it.”

Facebook made the audacious claim that somehow its staff are hesitant at times to remove content: “We have a high threshold for automatically removing content. If we didn’t, we’d risk making more mistakes on content that looks like hate speech but isn’t, harming the very people we’re trying to protect, such as those describing experiences with hate speech or condemning it.”

Facebook’s history with content moderation is problematic at best. Facebook has permitted its leftist-funded International Fact-Checking Network to appoint fact-checkers who can penalize conservative content that’s proven true. 

PolitiFact, for example, went after Media Research Center (MRC), because it cited a graphic that was first published by the CDC. PolitiFact attempted a combination of three fact-check categories to create one. It failed to note its issue as one of context, and chose to instead label the entire graphic as “FALSE,” but called it “partly false information” on Facebook.

Facebook relied on the World Health Organization (WHO) for help. WHO was dependent too much on Chinese authorities. This led to misinformation from nations across the globe about the nature and severity of the virus. WHO claimed in a tweetYou can find this link:

“Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China.”

Conservatives are being attacked. Facebook headquarters can be reached at 1-650-308-7300 and demand that Big Tech provide clarity on “hate speech,” rules that seem to be applied inconsistently. Contact us at Media Research Center if you feel that your voice has been silenced. Use the contact formPlease help us make Big Tech more accountable.

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