Andrew Cuomo’s Ex-Girlfriend Demands Public Stop ‘Body Shaming’ Him Over His Nipples

The former girlfriend of Andrew Cuomo is demanding that the public stop “body shaming” the New York governor over his nipples.

After legions of social media users this week speculated as to whether Cuomo had pierced nipples, Sandra Lee issued a fiery rebuke to his haters.

“I just want to say body-shaming is not okay — it is never going to be okay when people are out on the front lines working hard for all of our benefits, to then turn around and body-shame,” Lee, who dated the New York governor for more than 10 years, said in a video message published Wednesday by Page Six.

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The author and chef, who has remained friends with Cuomo since the couple split last year, admonished his critics to “knock it off.”

“Shame on you, knock it off, do something to uplift people and make the world a better place, not take cheap shots that are unnecessary,” she said.

Cuomo senior aide Rich Azzopardi on Tuesday dismissed the rumors that his boss had “pierced nips.”

“Of course not, sorry, internet,” Azzopardi told the New York Post.

Cuomo’s public profile has spiked amid his handling of the coronavirus pandemic’s effects on his state’s healthcare system and infrastructure.

Cuomo said Thursday that New York has enough ventilators in stock to last another 6 days at the current rate they are being used in hospitals to treat coronavirus patients, and is working to convert other machines to address any shortage.

New York was looking to purchase ventilators from China, the main producer, and had ordered 3,000 so-called BiPAP machines, which are usually to treat chronic obstruction lung disease, for conversion into ventilators.

“The burn rate is troubling,” Cuomo told a daily briefing, referring to the rate at which hospitals are having to deploy ventilators. “I can say with confidence we have researched every possibility, every idea, every measure you can possibly take.”

Cuomo said that coronavirus cases in New York had increased to 92,381, up from 83,712 a day earlier, with deaths rising to 2,373 from 1,941, by far the most among any U.S. state.

He said he believed the apex of the crisis for New York would likely be on the “shorter end” of the projected range of 7 to 30 days from now, as the number of hospitalizations increased by about 10 percent from a day earlier to 13,383.

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(Reuters contributed to this report.)

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