Liberals Blame Trump for Stabbing of 2-Year-Old Asian Baby in Texas

Liberals are implicating President Donald Trump in the stabbing of a 2-year-old baby, a crime which federal authorities say was motivated by racial animus amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Jose L. Gomez, 19, admitted to trying to murder an Asian-American family, including their six and two-year-old children, at a Midland, Texas Sam’s Club on March 14, according to Midland police.

According to an FBI analysis report obtained by ABC News, Gomez “indicated that he stabbed the family because he thought the family was Chinese, and infecting people with coronavirus.”

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The incident was included in the report as an example of recent hate crimes against Asian people.

“The FBI assesses hate crime incidents against Asian Americans likely will surge across the United States, due to the spread of coronavirus disease… endangering Asian American communities,” the report read.

The left-leaning Daily Beast’s coverage of the attack noted the scrutiny President Donald Trump has faced for emphasizing the coronavirus’ Chinese origins.

Trump has variously described the disease as “China virus,” the “Chinese virus” and the “Wuhan virus.”

“Many experts and political figures believe that officials using racial terms for the virus has contributed to discrimination against members of the Asian-American community,” wrote Daily Beast reporter Pilar Melendez.

Some liberals have gone as far as to blame Trump for recent attacks against Asians in the U.S.

The Other 98%, a progressive organization with nearly 6.5 million fans on Facebook, said on Wednesday that the president bore responsibility for Gomez’s racially motivated assault.

The leftist group falsely identified Gomez as a Trump supporter.

“A Trumpster stabbed a toddler in a hate-fueled racist attack against an Asian American family. The attacker has already admitted to the feds of attempting to murder the entire family because he held them responsible for COVID-19,” the organization said in a Facebook post.

“This is why it matters when Trump calls it the ‘Chinese virus.’ Words have consequences. He should be prosecuted for this atrocity.”

A Trumpster stabbed a toddler in a hate-fueled racist attack against an Asian American family. The attacker has already…

Posted by The Other 98% on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The post was shared 42,000 times, and many commenters expressed agreement with The Other 98%’s sentiment.

“Trump will get hundreds of ppl killed more than be counted with so many things he says …does. and hate breeding tantrums not counting the deathes before children taken from parents,” said one commenter.

Another argued the president was “literally getting away with murder.”

“TRump is the conspirator that fueled the crime he should be held accountable too. He’s literally getting away with murder,” she said.

The Other 98% did receive some pushback from a user who cautioned that “blaming actions for something some one said is a terrible slippery slope.”

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“Just understand this ‘debate’ if you want to call it that, has already been decided in courts. After World War 2, and the allies became aware of the extent of Hitler’s camps, they held war crimes tribunals and the people involved in making the propaganda for the regime were punished by death,” the group said in reply.

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