‘Being Nice’ Is a ‘Tool of White Supremacy,’ Activist Group Warns

An organization that aims to teach white women to examine their privilege declared last month that “being nice” is a tool of “white supremacy.”

Race2Dinner, an organization founded by radical race activists Saira Rao and Regina Jackson, expressed the confounding sentiment in a mid-December tweet.

“White women’s obsession with ‘being nice’ is one of the most dangerous tools of white supremacy,” Race2Dinner tweeted.

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Race2Dinner offers white women the chance to pay $2,500 to attend dinners where Rao and Jackson confront them on their complicity in oppressing people of color.

The “About” section of the group’s website contains an open letter to white women that reveals the incendiary and militant nature of Race2Dinner’s approach to conversations about race:

Dear white women:

You cause immeasurable pain and damage to Black, Indigenous and brown women. We are here to sit down with you to candidly explain how *exactly* you cause this pain and damage.

The dinners are a starting point. A place to start thinking through how you actively uphold white supremacy every minute of every day.

What you do after you leave the dinner is up to you.

Race2Dinner also urges participants to set aside their “white woman tears” and overcome “white fragility.”

Commenters on social media roasted Race2Dinner for its critical view of “niceness.”

“Damn those white people for *shuffles cards* being nice,” tweeted one user.


Even an apparent Race2Dinner participant was confounded by the group’s take on manners.


Anyone familiar with Rao, a failed Democratic congressional candidate who centered virtually her entire political platform around race, is unlikely to be surprised by the abrasive racial provocation practiced by Race2Dinner.

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Rao’s histrionic tweets made her earned her near-universal mockery on the social media platform.


In late December, Twitter users reported that it appears as though Rao has deactivated her account.

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