Russia Suffers Heavy Losses and Hits Ships of Other Nations (Including NATO Members) – Opinion

Fox News reports that Russians have entered Kyiv.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, stated in an evening speech, that many cities are under threat, but none of them have yet fallen.

They have fought bravely and have taken out many Russians as well as their equipment. While it’s difficult to confirm the numbers and they may be exaggerated, it’s clear that the Russians suffered more casualties than they had hoped on the first day. The Russians will face much greater resistance if even half the claims are true.

As we previously reported, it sounds like Vladimir Putin is getting desperate with his latest remarks, calling on the Ukrainian military to join him because the leaders are “Neo-Nazis and drug addicts.” That’s not happening anytime soon.

Fox contributor Gen. Jack Keane said Putin has chosen the most difficult plan (meaning moving in from multiple directions in the country), and “he’s struggling with it.”

Some reports persist, though they have not been confirmed. They claim that Russian units are starving and asking for food.

Not good for public opinion: there’s the possible war crime of bombing a kindergarten.

But maybe the most problematic of all for world opinion is that they have attacked the ships of nations other than Ukraine in the Black Sea — they hit a Japanese ship and a ship from Moldova. It is possible they are trying to block food from entering Ukraine in an effort to cut off food for the people.

Among those attacked were ships from NATO countries — one Turkish ship and one Romanian the day before. This is unacceptable. This could draw NATO into it, if this doesn’t stop.

While things haven’t been going well for Putin and he appears to have bitten off more than he can chew at the same time, he does have more Russians ready to come in, as well as Chechens. Putin’s calculation there is that if Chechens are killed in the fight, that Russians will be less upset with him than if Russians are killed.

But now, there’s word that Putin may want to ‘talk,’ and that he’s calling for a meeting in Minsk.

After a meeting with Xi Jinping (Chinese leader), Putin stated that he is open to talks. New York Times reported.

He may realize he has done too much, and want to find a way to get out. Or that he’s just trying to buy time. Zelensky had previously said he would be willing to talk, so we’ll have to see how things evolve.

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