Ron DeSantis Lights Disney on Fire After Its Faux Outrage Over Parental Rights Bill – Opinion

On Wednesday, Gov. On Wednesday, Governor Ron DeSantis met over the phone with Disney CEO Bob Chapek after Chapek requested to meet for a discussion about the Parental Rights in Education law that was passed by Florida’s legislature. The media and the left at large have been hyperventilating over it because it dares to stop teachers from discussing “gender ideology” and sexuality with small children.

Perhaps Disney, with its large investment in the State, thought it could manipulate DeSantis into agreeing to the bill’s terms and getting him to veto it? Whatever the goal was, it didn’t go as planned for the mega-corporation. DeSantis did not change his position and issued a public statement in which he pointed out the absurdity of this faux outrage.

Apparently, DeSantis wasn’t done. DeSantis set Disney on fire Thursday by pointing out the hypocrisy involved in going after Florida’s law that was perfectly legal while making billions of dollar in China. I’m including the full video of his remarks as well, because they are just brutal.

This man is an absolute boss. DeSantis continues to stand firm while Republicans in D.C. continue pushing for an additional $1.5 trillion omnibus bill, and GOP governors try to kill school choice legislation. It’s not easy to stand up to a corporation that does $75 billion in business in your state, but what’s right is what’s right, and it’s refreshing to see a Republican willing to hold the line.

Besides, Disney’s denunciation of the bill is an absolute joke. They either didn’t read the text or are willfully lying about what it does. I don’t care how many times the media calls it the “don’t say gay” bill, there is no mention of the word “gay” in it, and it does not prohibit a teacher or student from talking about their family. It prohibits the sexualization of children as young as five by pushing their transgender ideologies and sexuality onto them. There is no place for that, and if you ask me, there’s no place for that in schools regarding older children either.

DeSantis continues to lead the GOP on the issues that matter, in this case, showing Republicans that it’s good to stand up to these mega-corporations. Are you ready to wake up? That’s their choice, but they aren’t entitled to Republican support. Certainly, a company like Disney shouldn’t be dictating public policy.

But DeSantis didn’t just stand his ground here, which is impressive enough. Publicly, DeSantis attacked Disney as well. He pointed out how they were making a lot of money from the genocidal regime but virtue-signaling in support for LGBT rights. This is a totally false narrative. Companies that operate that way don’t just deserve to be ignored; they deserve to be excoriated.

I can’t say enough about how great DeSantis has been, not just for Florida but for the United States as a whole. Without him, where would America be today without his leadership on issues such as cultural and parental rights as well the fight against COVID-19’s draconian mitigation? There were many Republicans who had been content to retreat into their caves, but the contrast is striking.

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