Dem Pollster Points to Big Problems for Raphael Warnock in Potential Herschel Walker Matchup – Opinion

As Americans continue to express their frustrations with the failed “leadership” shown by President Joe Biden, down-ballot Democrats are poised to pay the price come the midterm elections in November.

In particular, Georgia is being viewed as a “bellwether” of sorts by some political observers who have suggested that if it’s a bad night for Democrats there, then it will be everywhere.

If that ends up being the case, the early warning signs for Georgia Democrats aren’t good. Recent polls show that both governors are in competitive races. Brian Kemp, former Senator David Perdue and Sen. Stacey Abrams have shown clear advantages in hypothetical matchups and could give Herschel Walk an advantage against Sen. Raphael Warnock.

A new poll, released Tuesday, shows Warnock is down four points to Walker. The kicker here is that it’s a Democrat-run polling outfit, which you’d think would show him at least even with Walker considering how often partisan pollsters skew results in their favor to create a sense of momentum:

Interestingly, the most recent poll in the Senate race shows Warnock leading, despite the fact that it was only the second poll taken by Public Policy Polling, which ran back in August and showed Warnock up two points.

Warnock will not be helped by the fact Joe Biden, who has a Georgia approval rating of 34% at last count, is currently underwater. Walker knows that this number will not improve as inflation and gas prices continue to rise.

Warnock may be conscious of the fact that Biden is dragging Down the Democrat Ticket, also, given how he and other vulnerable Democrats are ludicrously pretending to taxcutters for the small guy, even though Americans feel the pinch at both the gas station and the grocery store.

As I’ve said before, whoever the eventual Republican nominee is, it’s imperative that not only they remind voters of how important it is to have a GOP majority in the event Joe Biden gets to nominate another Supreme Court Justice, but also to jog memories on how Warnock sided with Joe Biden in sabotaging Georgia during the heated debate over the 2021 election reform bill, which saw Major League Baseball pull the All-Star game, which hurt the very minority voters Warnock, Abrams, and Biden claim they want to protect.

Warnock attempted to kinda-sorta rebut his remarks about the bill later, but it was too late.

Georgia voters need to respond appropriately when it comes time for election and throw him out.

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