Ron DeSantis Just Scored a Knockout Blow on Florida Redistricting – Opinion

When does Ron DeSantis’ credibility cease to be doubted? The critics said the Florida governor couldn’t win the battle over Critical Race Theory. They said he couldn’t ban mask mandates in schools. He would lose the Parental Rights In Education Law, they said. DeSantis keeps on coming back smelling roses. The latest example may just be his biggest victory.

Redistricting is a battle that has been going on in Florida for several months. Republicans have done their best to make it easy for Democrats and give them a near-status quo outcome. DeSantis, on the other hand, stood up and said he wasn’t going to allow the GOP to fold. In the face of immense pressure, he vetoed the legislature’s map, setting up a standoff. Which one would be the first to blink?

Now we know the solution. DeSantis has just won the redistricting question.

They said he couldn’t win this fight, but once again, the Florida man has proven his doubters wrong. This means that the GOP now has a 20-9, 21-8 or likely 21-8 edge over the Republican-led Florida Senate. It will not have the 17-12 or 18-11 seats it originally wanted to push through. Additionally, the outrageous racial geomander that was used in the northern portion of the state to create a gerrymander for race, which ran 200 miles, is likely history. After all, it was FL-5 that brought about DeSantis’ veto in the first place.

The governor’s office will now submit a map they feel is legal and fair, and the legislature will have little choice but to pass it. Time is already short, and Republicans looking to run for re-election this November aren’t going to want to be seen as still battling an extremely popular GOP governor on something as fundamental as stopping racial gerrymandering. Those who insisted DeSantis didn’t have the sway to get this done have been proven wrong.

Isn’t it amazing what a Republican can accomplish when they actually choose to fight and see things through? Larry Hogan in Maryland had the opportunity to stop gerrymandering and received a positive court ruling. He settled with Democrats and accepted the status-quo map. Then he tried to claim that he had hit a homerun. That’s the cowardice we are used to seeing from the GOP.

DeSantis is still averse to the traditional approach and enjoys taking on his adversaries. His state has seen the benefits of his ambition and hard work ethic, as well as for Americans in general.

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