Ron DeSantis Gets the Rock Star Treatment at UFC 273 – Opinion

UFC 273 in Jacksonville was held on Saturday, August 23, and although many were focused on watching the fights from their fans, those outside of the sport turned their eyes to the politics.

Ron DeSantis was a big newsmaker, as he attended the event and received the rock star treatment upon his arrival. An entourage that included several members of the media accompanied the Florida governor. The governor smiled, laughed, and gave high-fives to the crowd. Dana White is now the UFC president. DeSantis finally took DeSantis’ place.

I’ll just say what I think a lot of people are after watching that video: This dude is running in 2024.

I’ve heard all the arguments against it, and I just don’t buy them. Yes, Donald Trump is going to be the frontrunner if he ever officially announces (he’s essentially said he is running multiple times, so it’s a safe bet). But I don’t think that matters — and here’s why.

I’ve been open about my preference for DeSantis, as I believe he is by far the best governor in the country and has shown himself to be uniquely equipped to thoroughly embarrass the left. For all of Donald Trump’s positives, I’m also not a fan of running a 78-year-old man for president. It happens to all and can often come quickly. Joe Biden was sentient until he wasn’t.

Still, put aside for a second whether you’d prefer Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump as the 2024 nominee because it’s not actually relevant in this discussion. DeSantis’s decision to run is simple. He has nothing to lose if he does so, and all he loses if he doesn’t.

Florida’s governor limit is two terms. DeSantis, however, will not be able to run for governor in Florida after 2026. If he doesn’t run in 2024, he risks becoming old news and missing his moment by the time 2028 rolls around, which is exactly what happened to Chris Christie when he chose not to run in 2012. Being out of office for two years without already establishing one’s self as a national figure is a recipe for disaster for a politician with higher aspirations.

It is not an act of political suicide to lose a presidential primaries. Many presidential candidates lost the first round. Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and several others come to mind in modern history, and that’s just on the Republican side. DeSantis could run for president in 2024 and establish his national profile. even if Trump defeats him, he’ll be set up as the top dog come 2028. That’s the path. It is impossible to run if you want to fully embrace the future. Follow the example of history.

And so it goes again, this isn’t an argument on who you should vote for when things get real. But it is an argument for the idea that DeSantis is going to challenge Trump and that there’s nothing wrong with that. DeSantis is aware of the opportunities he has and will take them. It would be political suicide to not run within two years. Yes, he’s going to deny any interest until the time comes, but mark my words: He’s running.

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