Rising to The Top: The Overwhelming Growth of The Supplement Industry

The vitamin and supplement industry has quickly become one of the biggest in existence today. In fact, nearly 60% of consumers worldwide take vitamins and supplements on a daily basis. Across every demographic in the US, a sizable intake of supplements has been observed. From vitamins, to specialty supplements, to herbals and botanicals, the supplement market is growing at an overwhelming rate.

The main reasons for this growth are an increase in global health factors like aging populations and increased mortality rates, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 saw a significant increase in supplement sales, which is a trend that is still evident today.

New scientific backing has led to an increased confidence in the effectiveness of several popular supplements. With experts in the field pioneering the movement, new products are constantly entering the market and finding huge success. Pre-workout supplements, for example, are just a small sector of the industry that is raking in millions in revenue for several of the top companies. With the introduction of new ingredients that have captured the interest of millions, the sky’s the limit for these companies. The supplement industry is thriving in the wake of a global health crisis, and the future is promising.

The Big Business of Supplements
Source: PreWorkout.org

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