Ridiculous New York Times Spins Biden Cursing at Doocy as ‘Heart-Warming Civic Moment’

It’s one among those. New York TimesThis story feels parody-like, but Michael Grynbaum, a media reporter tried tirelessly in Sunday’s piece to make President Biden’s “stupid SOB” sneer about Peter Doocy a positive. He is trying to transform sewer water into wine.

It was headlined “The Hot-Mic Volgarity Where All Wins.” The “heart-warming civic moment” was it.

If you think that reporter-attacking Biden was endearing, then let’s just put it this way: Michael Grynbaum. You sound stupid, well, I know. 

The headline online was: 

Joe Biden and Peter Doocy are the Rivalry Everybody Can Love

A notably unscripted exchange between President Biden and a Fox News correspondent went viral — and turned into what these days counts as a heartwarming civic moment.

This is also a “unlikely feeling-good moment.” Who is it for? For whom?  

This spin exploits Doocy’s willingness to ignore it, which is not righteous as a Wronged Statue of Liberty such as Jim Acosta. Grynbaum suggests that some people in Washington think Doocy can be used to highlight Biden’s positive qualities. Trump, however, was quite dangerous. 

While the exchange echoed past presidents’ venting about the press, Washingtonians were quick to point out how the resolution revealed just how drastically different Washington is under Biden’s leadership.

Mr. Trump not only viciously insulted reporters (“disgrace”; “loser” and “enemy of the people”), he also incited public anger against the press. His supporters sent frightening threats to journalists and in at least one case mailed a pipe bomb to CNN. His behavior was credited by Freedom of the Press groups as eroding journalists’ rights and privileges in dictatorial countries.

During this spin, liberal journalists were also identified:

Bob Schieffer (an old CBS News anchor) surveyed the exchange based on his experience covering 10 presidents.

“It was something we don’t see that often: a civil exchange,” Mr. Schieffer said in an interview. “Both of them came off looking the better for it.”

No, this is a civil exchange that took place after Biden had let loose with his profanity. Next up in this cavalcade of ridiculous spin, Grynbaum also used the SOB moment as a fix for Biden hiding from the media! 

Mr. Biden’s allies have also expressed concern that his relatively few formal interviews with the news media have given critics too much room to define him. An unfiltered moment, inadvertent or not, can remind voters of what they liked about him as a candidate — a politician at his best when he is open with his emotions, even the frustrations of a tough day at the office.

Even Ann Coulter was ushered in to help Biden out: 

Even the most hardened partisans enjoyed it.

Don’t tell my fellow right-wingers, but I thought what Biden said was funny,” Ann Coulter, the arch and arch-conservative pundit, wrote in an email. Although Ms. Coulter could not resist taking a shot at Mr. Biden’s mental fitness, she also conceded, approvingly: “He’s still got sarcasm!”

Grynbaum’s experience has taught us that the TimesHe is a partisan double-standard on sparring reporters. This was evident when he called Sen. Martha McSally a “liberal hack” and referred to CNN’s Manu Raju as a “liberal hack.”

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