Rep. Mayra Flores Calls out AOC for Being out of Touch, Blames Biden Administration for Southern Border Influx – Opinion

Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) won in the state’s 34th Congressional District in the special election. In the race for the 34th Congressional District (redrawn) during November’s midterm elections, she will be facing Vicente Gonzalez (D.TX), currently representing the 15th Congressional District.

Flores joined “The Ingraham Angle” on FOX News to discuss several topics. One was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY and how she is disconnected from the rest.

“AOC does not represent the Hispanic community; definitely does not represent Texas District 34 and who we are here. And we’re not worried about the Washington nonsense, Latinx. We’re worried about the cost of living, gas, food, health care. That’s what we’re worried [about] every single day. We’re not waking up and thinking about what’s happening in Washington. They’re just so disconnected. It’s really sad because they think that the world revolves around Washington, D.C., and that’s really not the reality.”

Flores was referring to the left trying to push the term “Latinx” when Hispanics themselves have said “Latinx” offends them. Her attention was on real problems that affect the District 34 citizens, like the cost of living and health care.

She also spoke about the New York Times hit piece on her due to her campaign slogan: “God, Family, Country.”

“I honestly don’t really care about the New York Times. They don’t know anything about me and my culture. Like I said, we’re all about God, Family, and Country, and that is who we are in South Texas … When we [Immigrants] decide to run for office, and we’re excited to promote our values, values that they are against … God and family values, so they hate it … I’m focused on the District that I’m running.”

Flores also addressed the issue of the southern border. She criticized the Biden administration in light of the border crisis.

“The cartel has taken over… You cannot cross illegally unless you pay thousands and thousands of dollars. And yes, there’s children and women coming into our country… But also a lot of horrible people, terrorists also coming into our country, putting the American people in danger… We do have a serious problem, but I do put the blame on the Biden administration.” 

Flores, a six-year-old Mexican girl, came to America from Mexico in 2006. She is the country’s first Mexican-born congresswoman. Her husband, a Border Patrol agent, is her husband. Flores is a huge boost for the GOP’s efforts to win Hispanic voters during the midterms. The GOP has now the momentum it needs to win the House again in November.

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