Reliably Partisan: Brian Stelter Offers Softballs to Steele-Dossier Slime Merchant

Brian Stelter is CNN host. On Sunday, the tinny echos drowned out.Reliable sourcesas he conducted a softball interview for Marc Elias (Democratic election lawyer), a key figure in the Steele-Dossier and false Russian-collusion fraud.

Stelter did not ask him about it, as that would have made CNN appear like Elias-enablers. He instead shamelessly portrayed Elias to be the “truth side” of Trump’s fight. This is how he presented Elias. “But, first, an media critique by a former Democratic voter rights attorney. Marc Elias. He was the founding partner at Democracy Docket. This week, he also wrote about howThese lies could bring down democracy.

It is possible to believe that Biden was elected and believe Elias has been lying throughout Trump’s presidency. Stelter’s Elias interview reminded him of his June softball interview with Jen Psaki (Biden press secretary) about what-didn-we-do wrong.

1. You’ve criticised CNN at times. Last week, you were harsh about this program. Your number one criticism of the media’s coverage of threats to democracy is what I would like to hear.

2. What can we do to make things better in concrete ways?” Each day seems like there is a steady, growing storm. It is evident that this democratic backside is happening. How should newspapers, AP, and Reuters behave on a daily base differently?



3. Mollie Hummingway just published a new book. She’s a Fox News contributor. It is called Rigged.This is supposed to be an intellectual argument about how the election was stolen. You know, via Big Tech and the media’s thumb on the scales. Hemingway, among other things, has been all over Fox this week.Your role is that of a Democratic lawyer bogieman, who wants to, you know what, steal the elections.How do you deal with that intense scrutiny? That coverage? The criticisms from the right-wing media?

Elias said he takes on the right-wingers, and told Stelter “your show does extremely well and, frankly, I wish all of the media did what your show does, is you don’t ignore the right wing misinformation just from — you take it head on,” which led to…

4. “Yeah. Thank you for your comments about the program. It’s clear that some people want to bring attention to these issues every day and every week. CNN is sounding the alarms every day. I fear that these alarms will be repeated by other networks or major media outlets, making it more difficult for them to do so in years to come. This is what it’s all about. Let’s make sure we don’t regret twenty years down the road.

Stelter needs to be sorry for how incorrect CNN was regarding the whole Russian-collusion situation. However, he sounded like he regrets not being in sync with Marc Elias or the Democrat strategists. 

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