On MSNBC, Boston Globe Columnist Rips ‘Dirty-Coal Joe’ Manchin

Jonathan Capehart’s website The Sunday ShowMSNBC Boston Globe columnist and associate editor Renée Graham furiously ripped into Sen. Joe Manchin for opposing the “clean-energy” portion of the $3.5 trillion spending proposal.

Graham called Manchin “Joe the dirty-coal JoeHe was implying that he had been paid for by the coal mining industry.

He’d like to see all the good money that he has coming in from West Virginia coal mining continue to flow in.He is not going to give up on that in exchange for saving the planet.

Graham had a poor grasp of the constitutional government system.Manchin expressed outrage over Manchin believing that “he” will be able to influence what happens and how it is done in the country.

Yes, senators DoYou have the right to vote. Graham seemed to imply that only the president had such a say. You’re wrong.

BONUS UNINTENTIONAL HumOR: Jennifer Rubin participated as well. One point Capehart stated that Rubin is a “former Republican” but that he’s still a conservative. Rubin, a conservative? Is there any way to recall the last time Rubin strayed from strict liberal principles? 

On MSNBC, Boston Globe columnist  Renée Graham calling Sen. Joe Manchin “dirty-coal Joe” and implying he was bought and paid for by the coal industry was sponsored in part by Dell and Procter & Gamble, maker of Tide. 

The transcript is here.

The Sunday Show
11:18 am EDT

JONATHAN CAPEHHART:  Let’s just – Renée, stick with the Joe Manchin situation here. Because Senator Bernie Sanders, chair of  Senate Banking [Capehart later corrected himself, saying Sanders is chairman of the Senate  Budget committee.] I mean, he – well, he put out – he did an op-ed in the Charleston GazetteThe West Virginia newspaper. 

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Manchin responded to the Sanders’ op-ed by saying, this isn’t the first time an out-of-stater has tried to tell West Virginians what is best for them despite having no relationship to our state. That is not going to be changed by an op-ed written from an independent socialist self-declared. Oh, the fire. Renée. 

RENEE GRAHAM: I mean, what if find interesting is that Joe Manchin is so deeply offended that this outsider, the senator from Vermont, would try to tell West Virginians what’s best for them, while Joe Manchin is trying to tell 49 other states what’s best for them. With this man, the hypocrisy has reached new heights. 

This is what we want to see, correct? What do you mean? he doesn’t want a clean-energy bill. Well of course he doesn’t. He’s dirty-coal Joe. He’d like to see all the coal-in West Virginia money continue coming in.He will not compromise his commitment to the environment and saving it. 

It’s really It is shocking that Joe Manchin acts like he was elected president of the United States. He is going to be the one who will have an impact on what happens and how it is run. You have to face some consequences for doing this. I don’t know at this point exactly what that pushback is, but I think simply kowtowing to Joe Manchin and Sinema, for that matter, is not the way to go.

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