Recall George Gascon Effort Collects More Than 715K Signatures, Enough to Put It on Nov. Ballot – Opinion

On Saturday, the L.A. County Register-Recorder announced that George Gascon, the radical L.A. County District attorney, had collected 715.833 signatures. This is far greater than the required 500,000 to place the issue on the November ballot. Recall Gascon announced their signature victory on Wednesday. However, it is not the first time election officials have recognized this.

There’s still one hill left to climb, though: the Registrar has until August 17 to verify the signatures. The office is notoriously difficult when it comes to signature verification. However, this would require them to exclude a lot of people in order to succeed. Signature validators will use the “random sampling technique,” where they will check only 5 percent of the signatures for legality.

It is a copy of the San Francisco effort where Chesa Boudin, a progressive San Francisco deputy attorney general was removed in June following a recall attempt.

Gascon was an absolute terror for Los Angeles. Gascon allowed crime to flow freely and failed to prosecute any violent offenses. Source: The LA Times

Growing frustrations with Gascón have centered on his all-or-nothing policy stances. On his first day in office, Gascón barred prosecutors from seeking the death penalty, trying juveniles as adults or filing sentencing enhancements, which increase the amount of prison time a defendant will face in certain situations, including if they use a gun in the commission of a crime.

RedState has the bizarre story of a drug-fueled teenager on parole who stole a car and purposely killed a mother, her baby, and her infant. Gascon gave the perp five months in a “probation camp.” The mom in that case turned against him after that, and even became the face of the recall campaign. Another case involved a 10 year old girl who was brutally raped by a teenager. The judge gave her a simple slap. The list of Gascon’s atrocious decisions goes on and on.

Since 2020, overall crime rates have risen dramatically under his direction.

As of April, shootings in Los Angeles are up by 69% since 2020. The number of violent crimes has increased by 7.2% compared with last year. Robberies are on the rise by 18.5%, compared to last. The theft of cars is up 40% compared with 2020.

Criminals love Gascon so much that one convict called him a “champ” and promised to get his name tattooed on his face. Fox News interviewed Jon Hatami, L.A. deputy DA:

Today really is, I believe, the beginning of the end of George Gascon…

…People are scared. They’re concerned for their safety. There is a lawless city and county. We have a city and a county where people feel they can do whatever they want and not be held accountable for their actions.”

You know you’re not well-liked when your own deputy is smashing you in the press.

It’s been a beautiful thing to see Chesa Boudin and now, hopefully, George Gascon thrown out of their jobs. They were criminal-loving, victim-hating people. I can’t even imagine what they thought. I suppose they would say they were pursuing “equity” and “police reform,” but anybody who graduated kindergarten knows that letting violent criminals walk free with little or no penalty is a recipe for disaster. Both in San Francisco and Los Angeles, it was a catastrophe. We can only hope the L.A. Registrar doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve to try to disqualify the effort, and then when election time does arrive in November, that voters come out in droves to recall this menace.

Goodbye, good riddance, Gascon–don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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