Michael Moore Writes Totalitarian ’28th Amendment’ That Would Take Away Americans’ Gun Rights – Opinion

Welp, it’s been a minute since we’ve heard from This guy. And This guy, I mean the self-aggrandizing, irrelevant independent filmmaker and attention w***e extraordinaire, Michael Moore, who for some delusional reason continues to believe he’s a super-respected, far-left influencer. Maybe he is.

Either way, Moore’s back with another radical leftist idea — one of his “best” efforts in a while.

Moore took it upon himself, to create as the left’s meltdown continues in the wake of several mass shootings. His version of a 28th Amendment — There are 27 amendments currently to the U.S. Constitution — which if passed by Congress would do away with the Second Amendment and The rights that it protectsInstead, massive federal confiscations were made of legally-purchased guns owned by law-abiding gun buyers.

This is not a totalitarian police state.

Maher’s proposed 28th Amendment, which he laughably signed, “The above constitutional amendment was written by Michael Moore of Michigan and presented to the 117th United States Congress on July 11, 2022,” reads like something out of Vladimir Putin’s Russia (or that “WW II guy” Democrats love to equate with Donald Trump), from beginning to end. Let’s check out a few excerpts:


This inalienable right to gun violence prevention and fear of gun violence must be upheld by the Congress and the States. The Second Amendment is thus repealed and replaced by this Amendment.

Congress must establish a compulsory system of firearm registration, licensing and permits for the limited purpose of: (a.) licensed hunters of game;(b.) licensed ranges to practice target shooting; and (c.) those with a unique need for protection.

Each person applying for a firearm will have to go through strict background checks. An additional mental health screening will be necessary. The full background check will take one month.

Section 3.
If you meet the criteria for restricted gun owners and have passed the background check, then you must attend a firearms safety class. Also, you will need to pass an annual written test.

Coupla questions, Mikey. (Most Michaels, Mikes loathe “Mikey.” Long story, but trust me, here.)

“The right of people to be kept safe from gun violence.” By whom? With self-defense all but made unconstitutional by your silly amendment proposal, you’re suggesting that more than 300 million Americans should rely only on police officers — the very people your equally silly comrades want to “defund”?

Hunting enthusiasts and those who enjoy recreational shooting must also receive this certificate ApprovalYou can get help from your family, friends and extended families, and even co-workers, and neighbours. Have you ever thought about it? Please read Is the U.S. Constitution valid? It is highly unlikely.

Ah, but there’s more. A few “highlights”:

Congress will continue to update and stipulate the list of firearms approved for civilian use. This includes weapons that have yet been invented. These firearms were banned previously:

• All automatic and semi-automatic weapons and all devices which can enable a single-shot gun to fire automatically or semi-automatically;

• Any weapon that can hold more than six bullets or rounds at a time or any magazine that holds more than six bullets;

• All guns made of plastic or any homemade equipment and machinery or a 3D printer that can make a gun or weapon that can take a human life.

Section 6.
All ammunition and ammunition capacity shall be regulated by Congress. Legality is not given to weapons of any type whose only purpose is the destruction of human lives. Congress may create future restrictions as this amendment specifically does not grant any American the “right” to own any weapon.

Maybe it’s just me, but I love it when the gun-grabbers refer to ammunition as “bullets.” “Rounds” or “shells” is fine, but “bullets” always sound a bit too Barney Fife in my mind.

Anyway, Moore’s clairvoyance as to “any kind (of weapon) whose [sic] sole intention is the premeditated (wait — now guns can think?) elimination of human life are considered illegal,” is ominously hilarious, as is this line: “Congress may create future restrictions as this amendment specifically does not grant any American the ‘right’ to own any weapon.”

Right? Of course, it is — on purpose —It would allow the federal government to alter the rules as they see fit.

The final section is Section 8.

Individuals who have any of the banned firearms but are not in the legal categories of restricted firearms owner will have one month to return their guns for destruction by the local police. To assist with this endeavor, these local authorities might organize a gun-buyback program.

Michael, I wish you all the best.

While it’s virtually impossible to determine the number of legally-owned guns in America, according to American Gun Facts, earlier this year, more than 81 million private American citizens legally own in excess of 393 million firearms.

Moreover, estimates of legally-owned AR-15-type rifles (AKA: “assault rifles,” “weapons of war,” “really scary-looking guns only owned by white supremacists and other lunatics,” etc.) From a mere 5 million up to 20 million, they can be found in a wide range of price points.

Yes, Michael. Good luck.

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