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The media have been focusing on Herschel Walker’s past failings, but Sen. Raphael Warnock has mostly escaped scrutiny. His history includes allegations of domestic violence, and abuses at a camp for the poor. That’s hardly surprising given that Democrats are always given a pass, but another Warnock scandal has come to light, and even Politico is reporting on it.

Warnock allegedly used his campaign funds to pay a suit over an issue that was first raised in 2019. This occurred before he became a senator.

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) used campaign money to cover legal expenses for a lawsuit relating to his time as a church minister — transactions that raise questions about whether the spending runs afoul of federal rules governing personal use of campaign funds.

Melvin Robertson from Atlanta first filed the case. It was about bizarre, seemingly absurd allegations made against Warnock dating back to 2005, when Warnock was a pastor. A federal judge from Georgia dismissed the case without having served any of its defendants.

Robertson, however, filed another similar suit in April 2021. It outlines the same allegations against Warnock and also sues Ebenezer Baptist church, where he served as senior pastor for many years, and other public figures.

Warnock was still serving as a senator at the time. And he enlisted his campaign attorneys from Elias Law Group to represent him in the case, along with an Atlanta firm, Krevolin & Horst, which assisted ELG.

The problem is that it is against the law to use campaign funds to fight a lawsuit that isn’t a result of one’s candidacy or holding of office. Given the first lawsuit was filed in 2019, prior to Warnock running even for Senate and the later lawsuit in 2021 had no relation to Warnock being a politician (the allegations are from 2005-2008), the move to pay the Elias Law Group (Marc Elias’ grifting outfit) appears to be illegal.

As the report notes, the excuses for using the funds don’t add up. Warnock has used past examples to support the expense, but these were all while Warnock was still in office. That’s not the case for the Georgia senator, and he is attempting to stretch the standard far beyond how it has been applied in the past.

What will Warnock do? I wouldn’t hold your breath. If a Republican is involved, campaign finance laws will be taken seriously. When it’s a Democrat, violations are either ignored or result in a civil settlement. Even Politico’s write-up, which lays out some damning facts, does its best to hedge the possible damage, going so far as to call the accusations in the lawsuit “baseless” despite providing no evidence of that.

Warnock, if this was a Republican would face immense pressure from the media. As it stands, most of the other mainstream outlets aren’t touching on the story. This will largely go unnoticed because Warnock, a Democrat, is involved. Walker must do all he can to bring the matter home. Warnock has many skeletons and is corrupt. It’s time to get in the mud and sling some.

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