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It isn’t news that mainstream media have been in bed metaphorically with Democrats. But when news outlets make decisions about their coverage after prompting from a Democratic official – especially those who are in senior White House positions and for seemingly no apparent reason other than the fact that the official in question didn’t like it, that definitely raises eyebrows and is worthy of a closer examination of what happened.

The Washington Post published Friday’s piece about how President Biden attends and speaks at funerals for political figures. It used recent examples like the one of the former Bush Sec., Sen. Bob Dole (R.Kan.). of State Colin Powell to demonstrate how Biden is supposedly the rare and magnanimous politician who doesn’t let political labels keep him from paying his respects when the time comes (which, in reality, are characteristics that are in no way unique to Biden nor any other Democrat).

Originally, the piece was promoted as an article that was somewhat critical of Biden’s approach, at least from the perspective of unnamed staffers. Here’s a screengrab (the archived version is hereWhat? one tweetIt looked before the WaPo removed it.

Below is a screen shot of the original mobile version. As you see in both instances, the “hook” appeared to be how people on Biden’s staff weren’t comfortable with the amount of time he spent preparing for and attending visitations and funerals:

Jen Psaki from the White House complained that it happened several hours after the WaPo critical tweet was published.

“I will wait here for the apparent growing chorus referenced here who are opposed (that is right opposed according to this tweet) to a @POTUS who honors the lives of those lost, with empathy and grace,” she tweetedYou can also find a link back to the original tweet here

This was on January 8, at 12:02 ET. The Washington Post then deleted that tweet about two hours and fifteen minutes later and published a new one which simply contained the words text of the headlineIncluded is a link to your piece.

“We’ve deleted a tweet that inaccurately represented the scope of the story,” they explainedA follow-up tweet.

These screen captures are available in the event that either one of them is deleted.

Not only did they delete the original tweet, but it also appears they deleted any reference to Biden’s actions on this issue creating tension among his staffers. Here’s the link to the story. Please contact me if you can locate any of these references.

Jen Psaki’s attempt to trigger negative comments about the article in its entirety and social media promotion by the WaPo led to everything being scrubbed.

It’s one thing for a media outlet to issue a correction after a political figure and/or their handlers have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that the outlet was factually incorrect. It’s another thing entirely for a media outlet to reframe a story and their promotion of it to something more favorable to that politician just because their inner circle had hurt feelings over it.

We saw a similar disturbing instance of the media colluding with Democrats to soften coverage of Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign when the New York Times admitted they changed how they described Biden’s alleged inappropriate touching of women because the Biden campaign complained about it.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist nor someone with a degree in journalism to know that this This should never happen.. The Washington Post has not explained who or what prompted them to make the change in both the tweet and the story, but considering their history, it’s

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