Quadruple Vaxxed, COVID Positive – Opinion

Joe Biden uses COVID. Still.

He’s been twice vaccinated. I don’t find it too concerning. COVID survival rates hover around the 97th per centile, even at age 98. He can access some of the finest care around. He’ll be fine. The problem is that we’re still embroiled in an argument over mandates. I’m always for liberty, above all else. Some believe that imposing mask mandates is for the betterment of society. My belief is that preserving liberty in your health decision making is best for your overall well-being.

But, even if I was to believe that this vaccine would eliminate COVID completely, it is still possible for me to grasp mandates. I’m no rocket surgeon, but a vaccine that requires four shots in twelve months and still doesn’t prevent sickness is, at worst, useless, and at best, not a viable reason to threaten the jobs and schooling of healthy Americans who choose not to get it.

It’s time to move on.

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