Journalists Tank Their Remaining Credibility With Recession Denial

One of the most infamous examples of liberal media covering for Joe Biden was without doubt the rush to deny October 2020 New York Post story on the contents of son Hunter’s “laptop from hell.” The Post itself would later tell the quite vivid story of the liberal media coverup for Joe. This headline: 

How the media covered up the Hunter Biden story — until after the election

David Harsanyi reported the following: 

“It’s now clear that the Hunter Biden story was real, with Hunter himself acknowledging a federal probe into his taxes — one that reportedly began in 2018. The truth is, the facts were always obvious. Yet when the New York Post broke the details, virtually the entire journalistic establishment and left-wing punditsphere defamed the newspaper, claiming it was passing on Russian “disinformation” or partisan fabrications.

The political media quickly began pumping out process stories about the alleged discord in The Post’s newsroom and about the problems with the reporting. In so doing, of course, they did practically no reporting on the substantive allegations that Joe Biden’s family had spent years cashing in on his influence.”

As noted here in NewsBusters, the liberal media’s reflex to protect Biden is yet again on display, this time with the Biden problem being that yes, indeed, the U.S. has just experienced two quarters of negative economic growth — considered by economists as the official sign the US is in a recession. Accuracy in Media’s complete roundup of media spin can be found here. 

Wait! That’s Joe Biden in the White House, not Trump or some other Republican! The media has quickly rolled out its latest “protect Joe” campaign.

Here is NPR’s headline: 

Just two quarters of the U.S. economic growth were recorded. It is in a recession or not?

Radio station owned and operated by the tax-payer lefty says these things:

“While two consecutive quarters of negative growth is often considered a recession, it’s not an official definition. 

The White House has pushed back against calling the current economy a recession…..President Biden cited record job growth and foreign business investment as signs of strength in the economy. ‘That doesn’t sound like a recession to me,’ Biden concluded.”

The extreme-left wing HuffPost Headline

The U.S. Economy is in decline for the 2nd quarter, raising recession fear

A recession can be identified by consecutive quarters in which the GDP falls.

This story came from The Associated Press. 

“The decline that the Commerce Department reported Thursday in the gross domestic product — the broadest gauge of the economy — followed a 1.6% annual drop from January through March. Consecutive quarters of falling GDP constitute one informal, though not definitive, indicator of a recession.”

Starting at CNN Business was this: 

“While a recession is commonly defined by two consecutive negative quarters of gross domestic product growth, there’s no steadfast rule governing what defines a recession in the United States.”

Newsweek This is how it should be: 

“But despite the rule of thumb, the second consecutive annualized decrease in the new GDP figures released Thursday does not necessarily indicate a recession.”

Amusingly, the UK’s left wing The Guardian Confessed (accidentally?) This is the truth

“….you can bet that were the Republicans in power, Democrats would be calling two quarters of GDP decline a recession.” 

The liberal media would be the same.

What do we have? This is what we have. 

There are many topics that can be covered by the liberal media in this Biden-era. It can be Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.” It could be the disastrous Biden skedaddle from Afghanistan or the utter chaos at the U.S. Southern border. It could be the all too obvious ongoing tale of Biden’s mental deterioration. The topic this week is the economic shape and the obvious signs that the country may be in recession.

You can rely on lefty media, regardless of the subject, to always be there. They will defend Joe, both in subtle ways and more subtle.

The real point here at this juncture in Biden-time is that the American people are on to the media’s game. Which in turn produces a headline like this one from the Gallup polling organization on July 18 of this year —  mere days ago: 

Record Low Media Confidence Ratings

Here’s how Gallup begins its report: 

“WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans’ confidence in two facets of the news media — newspapers and television news — has fallen to all-time low points. Only 16% Americans say that they are confident in newspaper news, and only 11% believe in TV news. Both readings are down five percentage points since last year.”

That is to say that the American people have finally gotten the message after nearly two years of liberal media coverage for Joe Biden. They know it.

And they have now begun to rate the media’s credibility accordingly.

Simply stated, liberal media lack credibility in America’s eyes.

According to Rush Limbaugh’s words, 

“Zip, zero, nada.”

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