Prosecution Loses an Early Round as the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Begins – Opinion

The jury selection process for Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial begins Monday. The pre-trial motions show that Kenosha County circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder has indicated that he would like Rittenhouse, the prosecutor, to present his case, and not make it into a judicial lynching, as Minnesota did to Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis police officer.

If you aren’t familiar with the case, this is a quick overview.

Police in Kenosha (WI) answered a 911 call on August 23, 2020. A distraught caller from a female called to report that Jacob Blake, her ex-boyfriend and career criminal, had broken a restraining or entered her house, taken her keys, and violated it. The car had one of her children in it. Blake refused to surrender when officers arrived. When he lunged for a knife on the car’s front seat, he was shot. Blake was able to survive the incident and will likely not be in violation of any other restraining orders. The investigation into the incident was justified.

The fact that a man assaulted his girlfriend, broke a restraining order, and attempted to steal a car and kidnap a child doesn’t mean he can’t be an American hero, right?

Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other rioters responded by giving Kenosha many nights of looting and rioting in response to equity and respect for human life.

Kyle Rittenhouse (17 years old) joined a group armed citizens to protect private property in Kenosha on the second evening of the festival. Rittenhouse was born in Illinois, and worked at Kenosha’s pool lifeguard station.

The NYT Investigates Kenosha Shooting to Make a Case for Self-Defense.

The smoke had cleared and the bodies of a child molester and spouse abuser were found. Rittenhouse, who was a professional protester, left Rittenhouse to search for a date. Read The Kenosha Men Killed in Kenosha were Convicted Criminals who acted like criminals.

Naturally Rittenhouse was charged with murder and arrested based upon the fact that the victims he had killed were all part of a political riot.

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Next Monday will see the beginning of jury selection. A judge involved in the case wants to get rid of some of the underbrush. A key decision came from the judge, who rejected any attempt to paint anyone killed as a victim. However, defense lawyers will still be allowed to depict Rittenhouse victims just as they are.

The three men Kyle Rittenhouse shot during a protest against police brutality in Wisconsin can be labeled rioters, looters or arsonists if the teenager’s defense team has evidence to support the characterizations — but they shouldn’t be called victims, the judge in his murder trial ruled this week.

Thomas Binger was the Assistant District Attorney and asked that Thomas Binger prohibits the defense from discussing the men killed with pejorative language.

On Monday, Schroeder reiterated his reportedly long-held policy against allowing the word “victim” in his criminal trials until there is a conviction. He said the word is “loaded” with prejudgment.

Binger, the prosecutor, argued that the words “rioters,” “looters” and “arsonists” are “loaded, if not more loaded,” than “victim.”

“You’ve not let me call someone a victim when it was proven,” he told Schroeder.

Binger stated that Rittenhouse was not responsible for the actions of any three men before they were killed. Rittenhouse did not see the men do any crime when they were shot, he claimed.

You really have to worry about the intelligence of the prosecutor if he makes a claim like this in front of a judge rather than Don Lemon’s CNN audience. A child molester attacked Rittenhouse with a projectile. He chased after him and then attacked him. Domestic violence fanatic beat Rittenhouse with a skateboard, and then continued to attack him until he was defeated. A man with a draw firearm approached Rittenhouse after he was injured. All these are crimes. I believe that all of them got exactly what they deserved. There has been a lot of research and documentation about the actions of those who were killed. You will see them playing on the streets of Kenosha.

We obviously don’t know how this will play out. The judge’s initial ruling suggests that he might be more concerned about justice than offering another victim as a sacrifice to violent thugs. They burned America’s cities during the summer of 2020.




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