Texas House Goes On the Offensive by Investigating Inappropriate Books In School Libraries – Opinion

The stories coming out of some schools about books containing graphic depictions of homosexual acts and stories of pedophilia have been shocking, and it would seem that the state of Texas isn’t going to let this fly within its own borders.

The Hill reported that Texas’ state House led by Rep. Matt Krause is conducting an investigation into the books library administrators are using to stock their bookshelves with these books. This also includes books that go against the laws that prohibit the teaching and practice of critical race theory.

Krause mentioned five Texas schools that had recently taken books out of their classrooms and libraries following objections by students and parents. Krause asked the districts to provide information about books that deal with sexuality, sexually transmitted disease, AIDS and HIV and “material that might make students feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress because of their race or sex.”

The specific books Krause is looking for, attached in a 16-page list first reported by the Texas Tribune, date back to 1968. Some deal with teenage pregnancy, abortion and sex education. Others focus on the lives of LGBT youth. Some deal with anti-racism or Black Lives Matter.

Democrats are calling this investigation “politically motivated” with the Texas State Teachers Association referring to it as a “witch hunt.”

“This is an obvious attack on diversity and an attempt to score political points at the expense of our children’s education,” TSTA president Ovidia Molina said. “What will Rep. Krause propose next? Burning books he and a handful of parents find objectionable?”

The Democrats want to make it seem like Republicans are trying to enact radical ideological thought police, which is far from true. Moreover, the “handful of parents” comment makes it seem as if it’s only a few parents who are outraged by the reading material these leftist teachers and administrators are trying to push on children.

The kind of books being circulated around at the moment are ones like “Gender Queer” which features graphic illustrations of homosexual sex, and others like “Lawn Boy” which speaks approvingly of a pedophilic situation. A mother in Loudon County read excerpts from books in her child’s school’s library that discuss graphic sex acts in the 9th grade as well as violence against women.

One parent in Rhode Island confronted the superintendent of her child’s school over books depicting graphic sex being featured in a window of the library where students could see it as they walk by, only to have the superintendent defend it as art akin to Michaelangelo.

The radicalism isn’t in the Republican’s actions, it’s in these books, and they’re being pushed by radicals on children.

These are the Republicans of Texas trying to protect and attack children. These books were created to manipulate children and make them feel guilty. They also pressure them into unhealthy behaviors.

These items should be destroyed in schools libraries, as Texas has the right. If the Democrats want to have a conversation about what does and doesn’t go too far, they should first acknowledge that there is a line and they crossed it by miles.

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