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Shalom Lamm believes that professional attire can make or break a first impression. In the professional world, one must always dress for success. Otherwise, it could potentially affect relationships with clients and other business partners. 

In the world of powerful businessmen that Lamm occupies, the way that one presents themselves could be considered a non-verbal message that tells others exactly what someone is capable of. A woman in a tailored pencil skirt, blazer, crisp white button up and chic haircut shows that she is in control. The man with the Windsor knot, freshly buffed dress shoes and a pocket square evokes intelligence. These two teammates are more likely to venture into a conversation at the water cooler or in the boardroom than they would be with a co-worker who dresses in baggy khakis and an ill-fitted shirt. These connections are important, not only to create an enjoyable work environment, but to increase productivity and therefore profit.

Like seeks out like. Someone who is dressed similarly perhaps went to a similar school, was raised in a similar neighborhood, perhaps there is overlap in professional history. These connections are the building blocks of a career. If that appearance shows quality, consideration and the right touch of class, it may be interpreted as evidence of their intelligence, their connections, their prowess. Again, all are qualities of people that would be valuable to develop a professional relationship with.

By maintaining a strict office dress code, the business is also signaling these same qualities of capableness, intelligence and quality to anyone who were to take a cursory glance of the office space or a conference room meeting. An investor who comes to a pitch is likely to be more impressed by a team that they feel most connected to. The more impressed one is with a company’s staff’s appearance, the more weight they’ll subconsciously put into the quality of the product and thus, they’ll spend more.

Looking professional does not only help people look presentable, it also makes them feel professional. Shalom Lamm is a man with many passions that require a strong voice and stable leadership. Not only does a high quality professional turnout ensure that he can move from a somber meeting for his non-profit, Operation Benjamin, into a real estate development call, it also means that he will have an air of success even if the cards are stacked against him. If he were to walk into a meeting to discuss his newest real estate development dressed in cheap or poorly fitting clothing, he would not only look, but likely, feel off his game. So, instead, he is sure that he and his team don blazers and ties thus increasing the odds that they will have a sharp presentation when negotiating the finer points of a deal.

Professional dress impacts all levels of success. Those who dress well are more likely to make strong connections, feel more successful and thus be more successful.

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