How to Properly Disinfect Everything: Create a Safe Environment for Your Family

If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, that should be the importance of sanitizing our spaces to rid any infectious agent. From bacteria to viruses to fungal spores, the surfaces we come in contact with daily can harbor a wide range of disease microorganisms. This is why even if you might be working from home to minimize the risk of catching or spreading the virus, you still want to be keen on maintaining high levels of hygiene and sanitation.

Well, regular disinfection is inarguably the best way to keep everything in your home clean and sanitized. It helps create a safe environment for you and your family. Below are some tips on how to properly disinfect everything in your home.

1. Wash/Sanitize Your Hands Regularly 

Considering we are more than a dozen months into the Covid-19 pandemic, this point doesn’t need further explaining. Especially after shopping at the supermarket or touching surfaces while outdoors, it is paramount to use soap and water to wash your hands. In the dirtiest household essentials graph below, you can clearly see that supermarket trolleys are among the biggest dangers. This means that washing your hands before getting into your home helps prevent the introduction of pathogens and infectious material into your household. If you can’t access handwashing facilities, a hand sanitizer (preferably 70% alcohol-based) will come in handy.

dirtiest household essentials graph

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2. Sanitize Your Devices Often 

Phones, laptops, computer keyboards, and TV remotes are among the most frequently touched items in the household. If you work from home, always remember to clean and disinfect your keyboard regularly. Sanitizing your tech devices can help protect your family from a wide range of infections. As you wipe the countertops, floors, mats, furniture, upholstery, and everything else, these devices should not be forgotten.

3. Handle Garbage Appropriately

Now that most of us are spending more time indoors, meal delivery apps have become more popular than before. While so doing, do not forget that takeaway containers, wrappers, and grocery bags could be contaminated by infectious microorganisms too. It is crucial to wipe them using a damp cloth with disinfectant where necessary, and remember to dispose of them appropriately. The trash bin should also be handled appropriately, with regular emptying and thorough cleaning. Proper garbage handling can help keep a broad spectrum of disease agents at bay.  

4. Use Household Bleach to Disinfect Surfaces 

As earlier mentioned, germs can thrive on a wide range of surfaces in the home. These may include your carpet, flooring, sinks, walls, bedding, electric extensions, wires, and switches. When cleaning most of these surfaces, a solution of bleach and water will go a long way in killing most infectious agents. You could also use disinfectant wipes, surface sanitizers, or specialized household cleansers for rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet.

Well, the toilet should especially be cleaned regularly with frequent disinfection. Go through your home room by room, tackling one surface at a time. Do it regularly, and ensure you have gloves on when doing it.

Proper hygiene and sanitation can save you from a mountain of frustrations regarding your family’s health and wellness. Other than just cleaning your home, disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces is paramount. The above are just a few tips on how you can make your home a safe and healthy environment for you and your family through frequent disinfection.

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