Project Veritas Exposes New Jersey Gov’s Plan to Fool Voters Into Electing Him so He can Enforce Vaccine Mandates – Opinion

Democrats aren’t above fooling their own voters in order to secure power and enforce extreme agenda items such as a vaccine mandate. That’s exactly what New Jersey Gov. Project Veritas is proving that Phil Murphy is currently doing this with their latest undercover sting.

This undercover video features Murphy senior adviser Wendy Martinez who told an undercover journalist that the governor plans to enforce vaccine mandates after he’s re-elected.

Why wait?

Martinez was clear that the Independents, undecided voters and undecided voters were a problem. With vaccine mandates so popular, it might be too late to force them to comply.

“He’s [Murphy]Going to do it [vaccine mandates], but he couldn’t do it before the elections,” said Martinez. “They’re into all the sh*t. My rights, my sh*t and they don’t care if they kill everybody.”

“But right now it’s about him winning,” Martinez added after confirming he’ll enforce vaccine mandates.

Matthew Urquijo (Manager of New Jersey Forward), a political campaign group that is funded by New Jersey’s Democratic State Committee, confirmed the same sentiment.

“I think the problem is right now because it’s election season, he’s not going to have people say, like, we’re gonna have a mandate now cause, you know, that’s—for some people that’s going to piss them off,” said Urquijo.

“I mean, once, you know, we have a win, he’s like, ‘Alright, guns blazing,’ like, who cares?’” he added. “I’m in it, let’s do the mandates, let’s do this, X, Y, and Z.”

O’Keefe brings up the point at the end of the video of why the Democrats feel the need to hide this information from voters if they’re so confident in their stances about it. It’s a fair question to ask, especially given their “scientific” arguments around things like the vaccine mandates.

However, they’re not taking that route. They’re attempting to, instead, fool voters into believing Murphy is more moderate than he actually is, and then once he’s in office he can be as extreme as he pleases and institutes vaccine mandates, pulling the rug out from the people who didn’t vote for this.

If Murphy was an honorable man, then he’d put his full agenda on the table and let people vote on it. They’d have full knowledge of what they’re in for. However, he’s hiding this plan from the people which is lying by omission.

But lying by omission can still be lying.

New Jersey residents have the clues. RedState earlier reported Murphy wanted to make a mandate for K-12 schools that they have to wear masks in the fall, as RedState also noted. He’s also the same gov that called those who choose not to get the vaccine “knuckleheads”

Of course, like any Democrat, Murphy has a “rules for thee but not for me” mentality as he was caught at the Garden State Equality Ball with no mask on. In reality, almost no one was wearing a mask at the Democrat event.

Hopefully, voters will put the pieces together and oust this hypocrite, but as it stands he’s currently leading by six points over GOP challenger Jack Ciattarelli according to an Emerson College survey.

If this information gets out, this may begin tipping the scales, but it’s unlikely that the news media will report on this info within the state.

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