4 Reasons to Consider a Gemstone Engagement Ring

4 Reasons to Consider a Gemstone Engagement Ring

With the engagement ring market growing rapidly every year, we’re seeing more and more couples choosing diamond rings to symbolize their love, and with good reason. According to the “Gemological Institute of America” (GIA), diamonds are rarer than one in a thousand other gemstones, making them an ideal choice for those looking for a symbol of everlasting love.

Regardless of whether you are planning on proposing with a diamond engagement ring or simply wondering if one is what’s right for you, here are four of the most common reasons to choose a gemstone engagement ring over your standard diamond:

1 – Gemstones Are More Personal

With diamond engagement rings becoming commonplace, more and more couples are looking for something a little different when making the proposal. Choosing a gemstone over an unmodified version of your standard white gold or platinum band is one way to show her that you love her uniquely and especially without going overboard with novelty. From turquoise and sapphire to emeralds and rubies, a wide variety of gemstones are available for any budget.

2 – Gemstones Are Durable

While diamonds are the hardest gemstone on earth, that same hardness makes them susceptible to chipping and cracking under sudden impact. A diamond may not break upon impact, but it can fracture, leaving a sharp edge that can become dangerous. On the other hand, some gemstones are more durable than diamonds under these same conditions, making them ideal for daily wear or situations where you need your ring to be more resilient.

3 – Gemstones Are Unique

Many couples have already inherited their wedding rings from a previous generation within the family, making new bands based on old stones very common. Diamonds do not play well with other gems, so an engagement ring with several stones is less likely to be made from this type of recycled material. Moreover, matching an already owned gemstone to a new engagement ring can be a great way of personalizing your proposal and making it truly yours. When choosing jewelry, you should consider the quality of jewelry photography. Gemstone photography plays a crucial role in determining trustworthiness.

4 – Gemstones Have a Rich History

Diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings, but they are far from the only stones with a long and storied history. Gemstones and their meanings go way back to Ancient Rome and Greece when turquoise was once known as the “desert gem” by the Native Americans. From the birthstones associated with each month to other well-known gemstones, there are plenty of “alternative” engagement ring options out there.

When it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring, there’s no denying that diamonds are a great choice. They’re rare, durable, and have a rich history associated with them. However, there are other options out there for those who want something different or unique. If you’re looking for an alternative gemstone engagement ring, consider these four reasons to go with a gemstone before you decide to spend your life with something as mundane as a diamond. No matter which ring you choose, your significant other is sure to love it because you choose it for them.

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