Professor’s Syllabus Says It Will ‘Give Priority to Non-White Folks’ Who Wish to Speak in Class – Opinion

It is not possible to include everyone in this age of inclusion.

One example is the State University of New York (SUNY), Binghamton. A professor there recently explained her new approach to letting students speak.

Many university students resented being called upon by their teachers in the past. Being picked is a win.

These days, in order to talk at all, you’ll need to wait in line — if your skin isn’t sufficiently shaded. You could also have a stem like an apple.

Such was the situation in Ana Maria Candela’s sociology class.

Ana favors an approach to discussion called “progressive stacking.”

According to the New York Post, her syllabus:

You may be white, male or privileged because of the gender and racial structures in our society. We might ask you to put off your comments or questions to make others more important and we’ll come back later.

What’s the point? That’d be to “give priority to non-white folks, to women, and to shy and quiet people who rarely raise their hands.”

Such a description sounds as if white males are inherently loud and obnoxious, but perhaps that’s reading too much in.

Either way, Ana claims her method boasts “tremendous benefits for our society.” Caucasian men are taught to respect others and give their turns to them.

People who are most comfortable with speaking take responsibility for making space available to others. Those who have a tendency to feel more isolated in society become more comfortable speaking.

In the popularity department, bleached bros aren’t exactly killin’ it these days.


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Might Ana’s policy be viewed as a bit of piling on?

Economics major Sean Harrigan certainly isn’t a fan.

“How am I supposed to get a full participation grade if I’m not called on because of the way I was born?” he posed to the Post.

Sean brought a Title IX discrimination case to SUNY.

In response, the school issued a statement:

The Faculty Staff Handbook describes the principles for effective teaching. These include encouraging and valuing student feedback and encouraging proper faculty-student interaction. It also respects students’ diverse learning styles and talents.


Faculty members have updated their syllabus by removing the infraction and are now in compliance to the Faculty Staff Handbook.

Still, according to Sean, there’s more where that syllabus situation came from:

Harrigan claimed that Candela often equates capitalism with slavery during lectures.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” he said. “The sociology department scares me.”

Do you realize capitalism is free market? Citizens can own their businesses.

I’d say it isn’t out of the question that the answer is no. After all, she’s not a government teacher.

Additionally, other professors can also focus on virtues for the country.

Harrigan said a professor in another class on “nonviolent compassionate communication” — also being offered through Binghamton’s rhetoric department — strongly encouraged him against choosing America as an example of a compassionate nation.

Back to progressive stacking, at least one white voice hasn’t at any point been muzzled. In fact, it’s bested all others for air time.

Ana — incidentally — is white.



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