Press Still Burying These Biden Afghanistan Disasters

It will soon mark the first year anniversary of the attack on Afghanistan as we head into August. We at NewsBusters will be using August to recount just what happened last summer and what the media’s been ignoring since. But it’s also important to note what’s happening right now. 


Taliban-controlled Afghanistan remains a safe haven for allies

The U.S. still has allies in Afghanistan. People who have helped the country are now being abandoned. According to the head of a veterans group rescuing citizens stuck in that country (as well as Ukraine), it’s still the case. Project Dynamo is co-founded with Bryan Stern. Per their website, the goal of the organization is “saving Americans and Afghan allies who are fearing for their lives as the Taliban regains control of Afghanistan.” 

Stern appeared on Fox News, Thursday and said, “We still get a bunch” of requests to get allies out of the country: “They don’t have visas, but they are also in trouble because they helped us for 20 years.” 




Taliban killings

It was PBS alone that reported on a new UN report about slaughter in the Taliban’s Afghanistan. Judy Woodruff briefly explained, “The United Nations says that Afghanistan has seen some 700 killings since the Taliban seized power nearly a year ago.” She added that the report “highlights a crackdown on press freedoms and on women’s right to education.” The networks on Wednesday and Thursday ignored the grim news. 

UN News reported that there are even more: 

UNAMA reported 2,106 civilian casualties in its latest report. 700 people were killed and 1,406 others were wounded. Those causalities are mainly attributed to targeted attacks by the terrorist group which identifies itself as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant – Khorasan Province, against ethnic and religious minority communities.

Taliban Threatens to War Columnist


Finally, there’s the story of a well-known war columnist who was forced at the threat of prison to retract her stories about the Taliban. The Wednesday New York Post is available here: 

A prominent war journalist said she was threatened with jail if she did not tweet an apology to the Taliban over an article that accused Afghanistan’s Islamist rulers of forcing teenage girls into marriage and sex slavery.

“Tweet an apology or go to jail, said #Taliban intelligence,” O’Donnell tweeted.

“Whatever it takes: They dictated. It was tweeted by me. They didn’t like it. Deleted, edited, re-tweeted. Made video of me saying I wasn’t coerced. Re-did that too.”

O’Donnell tweeted that she was now out of Afghanistan.

All of this — these ongoing disasters that happened after Joe Biden abandoned Afghanistan — could be covered by the mainstream media. They are not interested in embarrassing Joe Biden for most of their coverage. 

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