Baghdad Karine Insults Our Intelligence Yet Again When Asked About Maskless Joe Biden Photo – Opinion

The White House released a photograph of Joe Biden talking to Pennsylvanian politicos. He also apologized for not being able to attend an event as a result of COVID.

For those who missed it, here’s the photo:

We also noted that CDC guidelines stipulate that if you are COVID-positive you should “Wear a well-fitting mask if you must be around others in your home” and “Wear a well-fitting mask for 10 full days any time you are around others inside your home or in public. Do not go to places where you are unable to wear a mask.”

Obviously, Joe Biden is not following the CDC’s guidelines, something that Republicans have relentlessly been raked over the coals for not doing over the last two and a half years of the Wuhan virus pandemic, with Democrats suggesting they were “putting lives at risk” as a result.

But when White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked during the Thursday press briefing about why Biden was not wearing a mask, she proclaimed that the photographer in the room was safe because they had been wearing an N-95 mask and that the maskless Biden was trying to do the presidential thing by demonstrating to the American people that he was in fact working though he’s under the weather.

Because apparently, you can’t do that while you’re wearing a mask or something:

This reminds me of some of that infamous Democrat “logic” we saw during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. According to their unstated rules, it miraculously didn’t spread when Democrats including Joe Biden were caught maskless in situations where the CDC said they should be wearing one but it did when Republicans were out and about not wearing a mask. As it always is, the rules they touted never applied to them (and still don’t), only to everyone else.

What we’re seeing out of the Biden White House today more of the same old BS mask theater garbage, just a different day. People are fed up.

And what else are people fed up with? It was said that Joe Biden has more stamina and must be managed by his handlers every time he makes public appearances.

I have to believe you are lying. No one who isn’t being paid to lie for Joe Biden can honestly look at how he was Wednesday during his climate change presser and say that with a straight face.

I honestly didn’t think the Baghdad Bob-style press conferences that came out of this administration could get any worse than the displays that were routinely put on by Jen Psaki. Karine Jean Pierre has proven me to be wrong.

It’s just pathetic how often the intelligence of the American people gets insulted by this administration. We still have 2 1/2 years to go.

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