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Add these latest poll results to the growing list of resistance to Biden’s big government agenda.

Joe Biden has had a terrible few months. There is not much good news. As more Americans express disapproval for the Biden administration’s goal to create a bigger government, it is adding another layer of resistance. The public pushback adds to this challenge, just as Biden’s massive spending plan is caught in a political loopabout.

Gallup’s new poll results are encouraging news for libertarians, and also show how little goodwill Joe Biden has shown in his brief tenure as president. A majority of Americans prefer less government work than the current position, which is 52 percent. What makes this year’s return notable, however, is that this represents a sharp turnaround from last year — and it shows Biden losing the argument that more needs to be done.

A greater number of people supported the government’s role in 2020. It was only the second instance in 30 years that this result has been seen. More people wanted to see more responsibility for the government after the pandemic. This was the first time since the September 11 attacks. The desire for greater activity from Washington today has plummeted across all political parties, despite Joe Biden’s debut in January.

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The metrics show some details. Independents are the most affected, which is a sign Biden hasn’t sold them on his need for significant federal program expansion. Last year, 56% wanted more from the government, but that number has fallen to 18% this year. Now, 57% feel the feds do too much, compared with 56% last. 

Biden’s support has dropped even among Democrats who continue to look more strongly at D.C. Although it is only a five point drop from the high of 83%, this does not bode well for his future plans. Although his base seems to be hesitant about more services, it is clear that the majority of voters are against him.

Republicans generally dislike the idea that there is more federal activity. This is why their numbers have fallen as much as predicted. One of the reasons for this drop in support is that Independents did not have the same statewide vote as the Republicans.The current level of interest shows a sharp drop. Today’s pandemic has seen more resistance than ever before. The six percentage point increase in the number of independents feeling that government is too big is six percentage points greater than those who felt it this way in 2019.

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Another point of interest is the respondents’ stance on taxes. The position of those who prefer less government services and lower taxes is a sign that there has been a sharp increase in voter turnout. This is a clear indicator that Joe Biden’s ‘Rebuild Better’ proposal is not being embraced by the nation. One-third of the nation wants lower taxes while 29% would prefer to keep them at current levels. Biden does not see spending enthusiasm, even among his own party. 37% of Democrats were not in favor of higher taxes or more government programs.

This poll shows that there is no real support anywhere for the sweeping spending agenda the White House or the Democrats in Congress. Although the media has tried to sell the bill’s $3.5 trillion worth of spending, the truth is that the majority of voters don’t want it. It is clear that the Americans want this spending, despite all of the negative media coverage about Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema’s alleged blocking the will to the people.

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