PolitiFact Lets Al Gore Smear Away, But Rushes to Defend AOC ‘Arrest’ Publicity Stunt

This is how tilted PolitiFact is: there was no “fact check” on Al Gore going on national TV and saying “climate deniers” are like the police in Uvalde that let children be murdered, but former Rep. Doug Collins drew a “False” for saying on Fox Business that Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar attracted attention themselves by getting “basically, fake arrests” on Capitol Hill to protest abortion.

PolitiFact’s Gabrielle Settles uploaded a mockingly titled “Truth-O-Meter Minute” video to their YouTube channel on Thursday. Collins was given a ticket for making fun of this stunt. This is the Collins clip she singled out on Mornings with Maria BartiromoOn July 20, 

COLLINS – AOC and Squad excel in self-promotion. This was all that this whole thing was about. They decided to venture out because they didn’t have enough attention lately. Fake arrests, basicallyMake sure they have good mug shots and photos.

However, the definition of arrest in the dictionary is to “take (someone) into custody” by a legal authority.

Settles announced the Capitol Police “told us none of the protesters at the rally were put in handcuffs because the Arrests were not made for custodial reasons. That means the defendant can walk away from the scene, but that they’re given a ticket for their infraction, which is what happened to AOC. She later posted a video to her Instagram Story showing her ticket, which had a fine of 50 dollars.”

Therefore, it should be possible to claim that the arrest was a “basically false arrest” made for self-promotion. It isn’t an arrest if you are stopped for routine traffic violations like speeding tickets. This is on the same level as saying Settles shouldn’t make a “Truth-O-Meter Minute” video that lasts 2 minutes and 22 seconds.

AOC Video aired by Settles and quoted from AOC. July 20 tweet, insisting there was “This is not a fake site.To avoid resisting arrest or other serious charges, it is best to put your hands behind you back when being detained.

This video was working from a Bill McCarthy fact check to police Instagram claims of a “fake arrest.” PolitiFact could have just as easily fact-checked AOC for claiming “This was an activist-led civil disobedience” requested by left-wingers at CPD Action and “That is very different than a ‘publicity stunt’ led by members themselves for a headline.”

The stunt was publicity. It was a publicity stunt. PolitiFact still defends the Democrat. 

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