Politico: Defending Kavanaugh’s Right to Eat in Peace is a Culture War

Samstag’s Politico Playbook newsletter written by Rachael Bade, Eugene Daniels, and Ryan Lizza, the leftwing outlet claimed Morton’s Steakhouse is wading into the culture wars by issuing a statement supporting Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s right to eat dinner in peace at their restaurant. 

According to many reports, Kavanaugh was forced off Morton’s Steakhouse in Washington D.C. on Friday by pro-abortion protesters. Kavanaugh subsequently left through the back exit after eating his meal. 

After the incident, Morton’s issued a statement which triggered Politico:  

Honorable Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh and all of our other patrons at the restaurant were unduly harassed by unruly protestors while eating dinner at our Morton’s restaurant. No matter your political views or affiliations, politics should not interfere with the enjoyment of dinnertime. There is an appropriate time and place to do everything. It was selfishness, not decency to disturb the meal of every customer.

“When a corporation is getting grilled on social media, there’s a lot at stake. Avoiding a response is the best option. Issuing a statement can often just inflame things because, let’s be honest, press releases are a medium rarely well done”Playbook was written. “Morton’s The Steakhouse learned that the hard way this week when it steered right into the middle of the culture wars.”



Evidently, it’s a culture battle for restaurants to fight the rights of patrons to eat at peace without being bullied or intimidated by angry mobs. 

Politico did not take offense to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a congresswoman from New York (D-NY), who took to Twitter to share her concerns. mockKavanaugh and Morton wanted a calm atmosphere in their restaurant. 

Politico states that there is no culture war against a right-leaning justice who’s being harassed for eating while you disagree with him on abortion. You can only fight against left-leaning terrorism.

The leftwing publication also touted how leftists are now flooding Morton’s with fake reservations: “At one location, the fake diners included ‘Arnold Benedict,’ ‘Abortion Rights’ and ‘First Amendment,’ according to an Instagram story one employee posted. At another Morton’s, reservations that were removed Friday night included ‘Dick Hertz,’ ‘Amy Coney,” ‘Neil Gor,’ ‘Kava Naugh,’ ‘Roe Wade,’ ‘Jane Doe’ and ‘Pro Choice’.”

Politico is not a respected news source. This tabloid is propaganda for the Democratic Party and must be treated accordingly. 

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