PBS and NPR Air Unanimous Taxpayer-Funded LGBT Radicalism

Taxpayer-funded PBS and NPR marked the so-called “Transgender Day of Visibility” on Thursday by celebrating leftist cultural radicals and refusing to grant one second of airtime to rebuttals from social conservatives. 

You can find the PBS NewsHour,William Brangham, anchor played an extremely supportive clip by President Biden. He warned that there were “more than 130” bills. Transgender rights being protectedThese laws were also introduced into the legislatures of each state this year.

Oklahoma was the thirteenth state that passed a law against women participating in sports. “In Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed bills Trans youth are being targetedInclude one that might restrict access Gender-affirming healthcare

Brangham then turned to Raquel Willis as trans activist and started with softest softball. She wanted to know if she thought it was happy enough. 

BRANGHAM – Before we move on to the state events, I would like to remind you that today should be a day for recognition, visibility, and celebration. And I’m wondering if it — Does it seem that way for you? Do you feel that today is significant?

WILLIS: Today is important, for sure, for our community. People are creating joy out of their daily lives. We have been there since the beginning of time. Our community has always been able to thrive and survive. It is amazing to see that this community continues to thrive despite all the legislation.

Then came the attack on conservatives for “targeting” the gender-nonconforming:

BRANGHAM: Well, let’s talk about all of that legislation, because there has been this record number of bills. While I mentioned a few, there were many more bills and laws in each state. Different segments of American transgender life are being targeted.Why is this such a big issue for you?

WILLIS: …The Conservatives made it their mission to attack the trans community. These people know that transgender individuals are still not well-known to the general population. Many people still claim that they have never met a transgender person living in America. It is very easy to fall for confirmation bias. These people know all the things that we think about others that are not necessarily true.

Brangham then suggested he found conservatives odd: “What would you say to people who — I mean, it’s hard to understand people’s motives sometimes, but people who genuinely believe that they are trying to protect women’s sports or they are trying to protect their kids from what they think is indoctrination going on in classrooms? “What do you tell people like this?” Willis replied that conservatives are “Never really paid much attention to the inclusion of women in other sectors of society before this..”

Willis may be welcomed back for another gushfest on “Black Trans Liberation Tuesday.”

Friday is Morning EditionNPR reached Melissa Block, reporter at the station, to tell her complete story, unaffected by opposing views. 

A MARTINEZ HOST: Americans who are not gender-nonconforming, transgender, or nonbinary may soon be able to choose from a gender neutral X for their passports. Yesterday’s announcement by the Biden administration was made at the Transgender Day of Visibility. NPR’s Melissa Block reports.

MELISSA BOLOCK: People of an unspecified gender or other gender identity, other than male or female, can use the X gender mark. According to the State Department, the X marker is designed to respect individuals’ privacy and promote inclusion. Ned Price is the spokesperson.

NED PRICE – Today, and everyday, we reiterate our commitment to the promotion and protection of the freedom, dignity, and the equality for all persons. This includes transgender people around the world.

BLOCK – This moment is for LGBTQ advocates.

SASHABUCHERT: This is enormous.

BLOCK – That is Sasha Buchert from Lambda Legal. She has been fighting for the change of policy in court for years.


BLOCK: TSA will allow the TSA PreCheck program to include an X option. TSA’s body scanning technology will be updated at airports later in the year. This will decrease transgender passengers’ fear of being pat downs.

Sarah Kate Ellis of GLAAD, the head of LGBTQ advocacy, said that the Biden administration’s actions are very significant. She says that they are crucial at the moment in order to combat the flood of antitrans legislation passing across the country.

SARAH KATE, ELLIS: Since its inception, this administration has stood up for transgender people. This context is crucial as over 200 anti-LGBTQ legislations are being introduced, many of which target the trans community.

BLOCK – The United States will be joining at least 15 other countries who offer passports with a third, or non-gender, option. These include Canada, India, Argentina, and Canada. Starting April 11, U.S. citizens may choose the X gender option on their passport applications. Melissa Block, NPR News.

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