Chief Medical Officer Calls to Black and Puerto Rican ‘Mothers,’ Department of Health Apologizes for the ‘Gendering’ – Opinion

Have you ever uttered the bad word that starts with “mother”? I mean the one that ends with “mother.”

New York City Health Department’s chief medical officer recently did that very thing.

It was curious that she used it only for dilation of black or Puerto Rican people.

In a tweet promoting New York’s “birth equity” initiative aimed at providing midwives and doulas to those eating for (at least) two, Dr. Michelle E. Morse wrote thusly:

It is obvious that this time is critical. It is too common for people to become ill. Children born to Black mothers and Puerto Rican women in the city have three times higher mortality rates than children born to nonHispanic White mothers.

The tweet sparked outrage — why were only white life-givers labeled “birthing people”?

“Unbelievably hateful words,” an online user opined. “Michelle Morse…is dehumanizing white mothers. She speaks like a bully. I am shocked… and yes, I am a white mother, NYC mother these days, and definitely not a birthing vessel without an identity. Shameful, NYCHealth.”

A second analyzer announced, “New York City Department of Health first chief medical officer Michelle Morse has proclaimed that only nonwhite women can be ‘mothers;’ white women can only be ‘birthing persons.’ More SCIENTIFIC FRAUD.”

It was so even called “ethically unfit to practice medicine” and accused of “racism and hate speech.”

The doctor’s post wasn’t completely unprecedented; the Department of Health is no stranger to separation by pigment.

The New York Post:

The DOH last year said a patient’s race should be considered when distributing certain COVID-19 treatments because “longstanding systemic health and social inequities” may increase the risk of getting sick or dying from the virus. But Harvard epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff told The Post that the higher death rate among minorities in New York was not biological…

And Dr. Michelle’s an established fan of sorting by shade — in a 2021 article, she propped a “proactively antiracist agenda for medicine.”

For those in need of one, here’s UCLA Law Professor Kimberle Crenshaw’s “antiracist” explainer:

“Antiracism is the active dismantling of systems, privileges, and everyday practices that reinforce and normalize the contemporary dimensions of white dominance.”

Continue reading the Post article on 2021

[Dr. Michelle and Dr. Bram Wispelwey], in one example, said the hospital’s black and Latino heart failure patients should be given preferential admission to a speciality cardiac unit as a “corrective” measure to a practice that for years had them more likely go to (the) general ward.

Back to birthing people and the “M” word, a DOH spokesperson lamented Dr. Michelle’s oversight. “We apologize for inadvertently gendering black and Puerto Rican birthing people,” they said.

So to be clear, Puerto Ricans and black people aren’t mothers, either. We’re One World — uniting all birthing people.

The world had never heard of “birthing people” until just a few relative moments ago. But the phrase has caught on fast — it’s even been used by the Biden administration.

And don’t forget Good Morning America’s PSA:

It has changed how maternity is done.

All this was possible because of the octomom called wokeness.

Please pardon my French

Will we soon see an end to “Mother’s Day”? If medical science gets a hold of it, I’d say there’s a very good chance.



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