Over Two Days, ABC Allows Just Scant Seconds to Crumbling Biden at Stunning New Low

The mission statement of ABC News, and other media outlets, appears to be this: It’s our job to protect you from reality. The Biden administration is crumbling under the weight of record high gas prices and inflation and now what’s seen as an ineffectual response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Here’s the last five polls of Biden’s approval rating: 38, 39, 40, 38, 37.  

These polls have been reported on only one time by both the morning and evening newscasts of the networks over the past week. That was ABC News. On Monday’s Good Morning AmericaMary Bruce was only able to give a mere 10 second of her time for ABC News/Washington Post survey finding the President at his lowest point ever: “Big picture: The President enters this speech in an extremely difficult situation. Our latest poll shows he has just a 37 percent approval rating. This is his lowest level of presidency.” 

Here’s the entirety of the polling mentions on Monday’s GMA. 



In a more general sense, she added, “But the president is also going to have to tackle many challenges here at home, everything from inflation to rising gas prices and the pandemic.” 

This Sunday Good Morning America, Deputy Political Director Averi Harper managed an additional 37 seconds on another gloomy finding from the network’s own poll: “If you look at our latest ABC/Washington PostAccording to a poll of 75 percent Americans, the economic situation is not good or bad. That is going to be a concern for this White House going forward on top of a new crisis that is the Russian invasion in Ukraine.” 

Look at Monday and Sunday Good Morning AmericaS, and the Sunday World News TonightThe network’s morning and evening newscasts ended at 47 seconds. The only other exception came briefly on Sunday’sThis Week. Jon Karl, the reporter on that program was admittedly hard on Biden.

His approval ratings were at their lowest point during his presidency. It is truly grim.It’s almost impossible to tell where Donald Trump stood at various points during his presidency from looking at his approval ratings.

However, the negative effects of mental fitness aren’t mentioned on these shows. It is only available at ABCNews.com 

There’s also the matter of Biden’s personal attributes, which track generally with his approval overall. 43% say that he is trustworthy in crisis, 52% disagree. Just 36% call him a strong leader, down 7 points since last measured during the 2020 campaign; 59% don’t see him this way. 40 percent think he’s sharp mentally, which is 11 more points than spring 2020. Only 54% feel otherwise.

The Washington Post, ABC’s partner in polling, buried the bad news on page A-2 of the print edition. The article, by Dan Balz, Scott Clement and Emily Guskin, didn’t get to that point until paragraph 18 of a 25 paragraph story. 

To see how it works, click “expand”. PostFinally, it was covered: 

An even more personal question asks 54 percent if they think Biden lacks the mental ability to lead. 40 percent disagree. In May 2020, this question was last asked in a Post ABC poll. At the time the results were almost reversed. 51 percent of respondents said that Biden has the mental skills needed to run for president. Only 43 percent disagreed.

It is no surprise that Republicans and Democrats are divided on the question. Among independents, a critical group in the upcoming election, 59 percent offer a negative assessment of the president’s mental sharpness, a rise of 13 points since May 2020.

Biden’s administration has been crashing in almost all indices. Network newscasts continue to attempt to conceal the horrible numbers. They are clearly failing. 

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Good Morning America
8:45 AM 

WHIT JOHNSON Americans face a number of economic issues, such as rising inflation and fears of increased energy costs due to Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. What is the role of the President in reassuring the public? 

AVERI HARPER, deputy political director: There are high hopes the White House will use this speech to persuade Americans that the economy has made progress in the right direction. According to the latest ABC/Washington Post survey, 75% of Americans think that the economy is not in a good or bad place. This is a worry for the White House as it faces a new problem, the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is something that we will be watching closely for Tuesday. There have been reports that the president may be sending that message to the roads after the State of the Union. 


Good Morning America 

MARY BRUCE: The president, we are told, is likely going to highlight the steps he’s taken to fight back against Putin’s invasion and to support the Ukrainian people. He is likely to praise the unity of the west’s response. However, the President will also have to deal with many home challenges including inflation and rising gas prices as well as the pandemic. He is likely to address big issues, many of which remain stalled on the hill. The President enters this speech from a difficult situation. According to our latest poll, he is only 37% in approval. This is his lowest approval rating during his presidency. 


ED O’KEEFE: President Biden faces a series of daunting challenges as he prepares to give his first formal State of the Union address. There’s the pandemic and the Supreme Court confirmation struggle, as well as a stagnated legislative agenda. And then, there’s the Ukraine crisis. 

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