Oregon Education Stocks the Boys Room With Tampons – Opinion

For all you teens who read RedState, it may be hard to fathom; but there was a time in America when men’s restrooms failed to stay stocked with tampons.

Indeed, walls that bore urinals once framed cottonless wastelands, but that dark age looks soon to die out — thanks in part to the Oregon state legislature.

The Menstrual Dignity Act was signed by Kate Brown, Democrat governor, in 2021.

Public education providers must make sure that students can access sanitary pads as well as tampons through student restrooms.

It is clear that:

“Student bathroom” means a bathroom that is accessible by students, including a gender-neutral bathroom, a bathroom designated for females, and a bathroom designated for males.

House Bill 3294 will become effective July 1, 2019. For the 2022-2223 school year, male students will be eligible for period care.

As pointed out by Fox News, the law covers restrooms “regardless of age.”

Lately, Tampons are really in the limelight:

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Menstrual products are rarely front and center. Hopefully, they’re really soaking it up.

Meanwhile, not everyone’s psyched over boys finding ovarian accoutrements next to their toilets. Bridget Barton, the GOP’s gubernatorial nominee, is one example.

The soft supplements were not well received by her.

“This is an absolute implosion of the family; it’s a violation of the family.”

Bridget believes confusion could result.

“It’s very confusing for children, and then, when they hit puberty, they have even more confusion about their bodies and have real difficulty understanding what’s going on in their world, a lot of them go into depression, they act out, and we’re seeing more and more evidence that is causing kids to become confused, depressed, and to have to act out and have very serious problems going forward.”

It’s not difficult to imagine a boy asking, “Where do I put this?” Hopefully, he’ll find the answers he needs.

Bridget says parents are perturbed over the idea of fibrous bullets being loaded in boys’ bathroom stalls:

“‘Complaints’ doesn’t even begin to describe it, and a lot of them haven’t even heard yet about all this background stuff that the teachers are going to be forced to teach in sex ed classes, in health classes. I’m hearing from parents everywhere who say it’s almost beyond belief.”


“They’re in shock. They’re in disbelief. They’re angry. They are exiting the schools as fast as they possibly can, and Oregon has literally run out of room in private schools, charter schools and other options for kids that want to get out.”

Oregon’s hyper-focused on the effectiveness of education. So, improvements have been made.

The February Fox article

The Oregon Department of Education’s (ODE) state board hosted a work group Monday that declared standardized testing is rooted in White supremacy and has been “weaponized” against students of color. …

This work group was created by Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, a Democratic Governor signed in July a bill that removed the requirement for high school graduates to demonstrate proficiency in math and writing before they can graduate.

So the school system is worried over white supremacy, but it’s dedicated to the supremacy of white personal products.

And there’s more complexity on offer: While Oregon is fighting racism in public education, the tampon takeover and its resultant homeschooling boost is countering some of that “antiracist” work.

At least, that’s the case according to MSNBC. And like a period without the proper accessories, it’s insidious:



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